US presidents also don't take bribes

Andrew Johnson: This is how the US got rid of the craziest presidents

That he became president was due to a crazy coincidence. It wasn't intended. And it quickly turned out that he was completely unsuitable for the highest office that the American Republic has to bestow.

“The President of the United States,” wrote one reviewer, “has such a unique combination of shortcomings in the position of constitutional officer that he was only able to gain a chance to govern the nation badly through a haunt of fate. Both dishonest and stubborn, both devious and unreasonable, both vain and in a bad mood, both hungry for popularity and arbitrary in his disposition, of fickle mind and firm will, he combines in his character the seemingly opposite characteristics of demagogue and demagogue Autocrats. "

The president was "so selfish it bordered insanity" and "surrounded himself with flatterers and schemers". He was a racist. There were wild rumors that he was in league with America's enemies. And he got into a violent conflict with Congress because the House of Representatives was controlled by members of the other party. In the end there was impeachment proceedings.

We're talking about Andrew Johnson, the 17th President of the United States. He came to power in 1865 because Abraham Lincoln - after getting America through the worst of the conflict