What's the fancy word for asshole


For all of you who have a bad day every now and then and
have to take out their mood on someone !!! Don't let your mood go
off someone you know, but someone you do NOT

I sat at my desk and it occurred to me that I was one
Had to make a phone call. I found the number and dialed it. A
Man answered and said nicely "Hello?" I said politely, "Here
says Patrick Hanifin, could I please talk to Robin Carter

Suddenly the phone was slammed down! I couldn't believe
that someone could be so rude.

I found Robin's correct number and called her. you
had swapped the last two digits. After I mean
Having finished talking to Robin, I saw that the number was wrong
was still on my desk. I decided to do it again
to call.

When the same person answered, I screamed, "You are one
Asshole! "And hung up. I wrote that next to the phone number
Word "asshole" and put it in my desk drawer.

Every few weeks when I had to pay bills or one
really bad day i called him. He picked up, I did
yelled, "You are an asshole!" and I felt the same way

The telephone company introduced it towards the end of the year
Number recognition system. That was a real disappointment for
me, I couldn't call the asshole anymore.

One day I had an idea. I dialed his number, then
I heard his voice "Hello." I made up a name. "Hello,
this is the customer service of the phone company and i want to
You just ask if you are using our number recognition system
are familiar.

He said "no!" and I slammed the phone down. Then I called
quickly again and said, "Because you're an asshole!"


It took an elderly lady a long time to get out of her parking lot at
Mall to come out. I thought she never would
create. Finally her car started moving and
slowly backed out of the parking space. I drove in
little back to give her enough space. Great, I thought
finally she drives out.

Then suddenly a black BMW came and raced in the wrong one
Direction in their parking space. I honked and shouted, "You can do that
don't do it, I was there first! "The guy got out of his BMW
without paying any attention to me. He walked towards the mall as if
he didn't hear me. I thought "This guy's an asshole to it
There are a lot of assholes in this world. "

I saw that he had a sign on the rear window of his car saying "Too
sell ". I wrote down the number, then I looked
me another parking space.

A few days later I was at my desk at home. I
had just put the phone back on after I got the number
Called xxx 823-4863 and yelled "you are an asshole"
would have. (It's really been easy to call him since I've been his
Number saved.)

I noticed the phone number of the guy with the black BMW on it
my desk and thought it would be better to call him too.
After several rings, someone answered the phone and
said "hello". I said, "Are you the man who is his
black BMW sold? "" Yes, that's me. "" Can you tell me
where can I see it? "" Yes, I live in London at 182
West Street. It's a yellow house and the car is parked precisely
before. "I asked," What's your name? "" My name is Don
Hansen. "" When can I meet you, Don? "" I'm closed in the evening
Home. "" Listen, Don, may I tell you something
say? ”“ Yes. ”“ Don, you're an asshole! ”and I popped that
Listen up.

After hanging up, I put Don Hansen's number in mine
Phone memory on. Things went better for me for a while. If
now i had a problem i could call two assholes.
After a few months it wasn't so nice anymore with them
Calling assholes and hanging up. I keep myself busy
went into detail with the problem and came up with the following solution: first left
I call my phone asshole number 1. A man answered and
kindly said "Hello." I yelled, "You are an asshole!"
but did not hang up. The asshole asked, "Are you still there?"
I said yes." He said, "Don't make your calls." I
said "No." He said, "What's your name, buddy?" I said, "Don
Hansen. "He said," Where do you live? "" 182 West Street, London. It
is a yellow house and my black BMW is in front of it. "" Me
come over in a minute, Don. You'd better start praying already. "
I said, "Yeah, I'm really scared, you asshole!" and put

Then I called asshole number 2. He answered "Hello." I
said: "Hello, you asshole!" He said, "If I find out who
You are ... "" Then what? "" I'll kick your ass. "" Good! I
give you a chance, I'll be right over, you asshole! "I
hung up. Then I picked up the phone again and called the police
at. I said I live at 182 West Street, London, and I would
Kill my gay lover as soon as I get home.

I got in my car and drove to West Street for the
whole thing to watch. Delicious! It was one of the greatest
Experience of my life, watching the two of them
Fucked assholes before the police arrested them !!!

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