Are dental implants same day safe

A new quality of life for our patients!

Gain a new quality of life with the all-on-4 method - fixed teeth in one day! Many people with toothlessness or extensive dental problems want to be able to chew properly again, speak confidently and above all be able to laugh heartily. Dental implants are a safe, painless and sustainable solution for this.

With the innovative treatment concept “Fixed third teeth in one day” based on the All-on-4 ™ procedure, it is possible for us to provide you with implants and directly with a fixed denture.

We offer you a fast and comfortable treatment method that will restore your quality of life within a very short time. Enjoy firm third teeth that feel like they are your own.

The difference to classic implantation

Classic implant restorations are usually associated with a high surgical effort and long healing times of 6 to 12 months. In the case of advanced bone loss, the dentist very often has to perform a bone augmentation beforehand. 6 - 8 implants are required for a fixed restoration. In addition, this period usually has to be bridged with a more or less well-fitting, removable denture.

With the All-on-4 ™ procedure, four implants per jaw are usually sufficient to ensure a stable and secure basis for an immediate fixed restoration.

Due to the appropriate distribution of the implants and the special positioning of the rear implants, which are placed obliquely past important bone structures (nerve / maxillary sinus) with a special surgical technique, complex and time-consuming bone augmentation can be avoided. If the bone conditions are favorable, the implants can also be used as immediate implants. If desired, the treatment can be carried out under general anesthesia. Within a few hours you will have a fixed, temporary, palate-free denture inserted, which you can load on the same day.

Fixed dentures from Heidelberg

The final denture, which, like the preliminary one, will be manufactured in our in-house dental laboratory in Heidelberg, will be inserted at a later point in time after it has completely healed.

Thanks to the interaction of detailed planning, 3D diagnostics, implantological experience, professional prosthetic implementation and the dental laboratory, we are able to competently and safely offer you the pioneering All-on-4 concept “Fixed new teeth in one day”!

Continuous follow-up care is necessary so that you can enjoy your new teeth for as long as possible. For this purpose, the dentures are removed at regular intervals in our dental practice in Heidelberg. Experienced prophylaxis specialists take care of your professional implant care.

Make an appointment now for All-on-4 ™ implants

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All-on-4 dentures - here the advantages again at a glance:

  • With a single operation, you can have fixed teeth within a few hours, which you can load immediately
  • Avoidance of bone formation, thus shorter treatment time and less impairment
  • The all-on-4 procedure is possible in most patients, even with advanced bone loss
  • Safe and gentle thanks to 3D diagnostics and computer-aided implantation
  • Palate-free dentures: freedom for the tongue and a natural taste sensation again
  • Lower costs due to fewer interventions and fewer implants
  • Scientifically proven and documented

Use of high quality dentures

Information on the timing of an All-on-4 ™ treatment:

Pretreatment:Comprehensive assessment, diagnostics, advice and planning of your treatment
OP day:Insertion of the implants and impression taking - break
Try-in of the provisional dentures - break
Fixed insertion of the dentures in the afternoon
Check-up and aftercare:On the first day after the procedure and a week afterwards

If you have any further questions about fixed teeth in one day, the habios implantology specialists will of course be happy to help!