How do you rate the people

What do you particularly appreciate about your friends?

They can be good listeners, make you laugh, you experience adventures with them or go through difficult times together: friends are usually there when you need them and are among the most important confidants. In everyday life you will tend to worry less about which characteristics you particularly value in them, they are like family members - in a positive sense, of course. But especially in exceptional situations or difficult times, it shows how good the support of friends is good for you and how important it is for you.

Maintain friendships

Even if, at best, you can assume that friends will support you when you need them, you should be careful to show them every now and then that you are grateful for them. Friendships, like all relationships, are well-maintained. When friends are hardly valued, this can sometimes lead to disputes or even the gradual loss of the loved one. Finding a good balance in which both sides benefit from each other is important to keep friendships alive.

What do you like about your friends?

Do you tell them that from time to time? In which situations was it mainly your friends who helped you? How do you maintain your friendships? And which qualities do you think your friends particularly value in you? (mawa, April 23, 2019)