Can mirrors steal your soul

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Dana Müller "/


Hi guys!

What is superstition? That is a belief in something that is irrational. Superstitions often come from religion and culture.

Do you know superstition?

* Friday the 13th is an unfortunate day
* When a black cat crosses the path, it brings bad luck
This popular belief comes from the Middle Ages when black cats were associated with witches.
* If you break a mirror, you will be unhappy for 7 years
This superstition comes from ancient Rome. Romans believed that a mirror could steal part of your soul. And if you break a mirror, then your soul will be destroyed.
* Standing under a ladder can bring bad luck;
* Or when you open an umbrella at home;
* Or when you put a new pair of shoes on the table.
And that brings luck:
* When you find a four-leaf clover
* When you find a coin
* A horseshoe that hangs on the wall
* When a ladybug lands on you
* When you see a white cat in a dream

In Latvia, superstitions about the black cat, Friday the 13th, mirror, clover and horseshoe are very popular.
When we want to wish success, Germans say "broken neck!" In Latvia we wish ’No feather, no bone!’. And the answer is: ’’ To the devil! ’’

Many superstitions have already become a habit. Even in the age of science, many, even well-educated people, follow these customs. And you? Do you spit over your shoulder when a black cat crosses your path?