Can Professor McGonagall communicate with Ms. Norris

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Questions and Answers - An Overview

questionanswerWhat color does the presence of a spirit change flames to?blueWhat is the magical Congress of America called?MACUSAThe gathering of European magicians in the Middle Ages awards what prize?The prize for bravery against fantastic beastsWhere did the goblin revolt in 1612 take place?At HogwartsWho was the original owner of the Sorting Hat?Godric GryffindorWho teaches history for wizardry?Professor BinnsWhat is peeves?poltergeistWhat do I like to do with a chair?Throw himWhat quality do I value most in my student?intellectWhen did the Wildcat Gargoyle Strike happen?1920Who Teaches Transformation?Minerva McGonagallWhich Minister of Magic abdicated after the goblin revolt of 1752?Albert BootWho is the Hufflepuff house ghost?The fat monkThe gathering of European magicians in the Middle Ages has to do with which association?International Association of WizardsWhat do you call muggles in the US?No-majsWhich council member later became the first Minister for Magic?Ulick GampWhat was the Magical Council replaced with?Through the Ministry of MagicWhat did the Magical Council decide and sign in 1692?The International Statute for the Secrecy of MagicHistory of Wizardry lessons are focused on what?FactsWhich creature has the Magical Council declared a protected species?Golden SnitchWho founded the village of Hogsmeade?Hengis from WoodcroftWhen was the Golden Snitch first used in Quidditch?1269When did the wild gargoyle strike take place?1911What followed the soap blizzard of 1378?The bursting of a wizarding economic bubbleWhere are the best places to shop for pranks?In Zonko's joke shopWhere is the Slytherin common room located?In the dungeonFrom which house am I the house ghost?GryffindorWhere do I hide ... um ... wanted to say ... Where does Tonks like to hide rubber snails?In the pots of herbalismWho is the greatest troublemaker?TonksWho is the perfect prank victim?Argus FilchWhich sweets cause hiccups?HiccupsDid muggles use ancient runes too?YesWhich of these books deals with ancient runes?Sorcerer's syllable tableDo the ancient runes themselves also have magical properties?No, they don't.How do you like my drawing of Binns?I like her alot.Why were the werewolves' rules of behavior a failure?Because no werewolf signed itWhich magician used Tarantallegra in 79 to do a dance with Vesuvius?Zaccaria InnocentiWhen were the rules of etiquette for werewolves developed?1637Why were the witch burnings in the 14th century pointless?Because of flame-freeze spellsWhere do I prefer to swim?On the boys' toilets on the ground floorWhat should you never do and I would give anything for it?Tickling a sleeping dragonWhat's the most uncomfortable job at Hogwarts?facility manager