Why is Halloween Heidi Klum's favorite holiday

Heidi Klum: All of your Halloween costumes

When Heidi Klum tweeted “Halloween is my favorite holiday!” In 2011, we were not surprised. After all, she has been throwing at least one of her famous and notorious Halloween parties every year since 2000, when she was still in a sexy latex outfit as a gothic lady, and throws herself into breathtaking costumes.

Heidi Klum spends hours in the mask

For the perfect appearance, Heidi Klum takes a lot on Halloween. It's hard to imagine how long she must have sat in the mask for her appearance in the Jessica Rabbit costume. After all, Heidi was modeled a completely new body with a bulging bottom and huge artificial breasts.

Not off the shelf

Of course, you don't get such fancy costumes off the shelf. All costumes are custom-made, which are carefully tailored to Heidi Klum's dream body.

A look into the future

And Heidi shows a lot of creativity every year. What she could look like in a few decades, we found out on Halloween 2013 thanks to her costume as a grandma. In a staid two-piece outfit with gray hair and a wrinkled face, she showed the courage to be ugly and let us take a look into the future.

Hairy or skinless

Heidi Klum, at that time still at the side of husband Seal, as a naked, hairy monkey woman, also brought up animal courage to be ugly. While at the beginning of her Halloween parties around the turn of the millennium she still chose costumes that at least revealed who was hiding in them, the game of hide-and-seek began in 2011. Neither in the monkey costume nor in her spectacular scary outfit without skin, we could have guessed that the beautiful Heidi Klum would hide in it.