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Kassel. For him it would have been the ice hockey game of the year, maybe even his most unforgettable one. But the one who looked forward to the major league duel between Neusser EV and the Kassel Huskies (Friday, 8.15 p.m., Eissporthalle Südpark, Neuss) will be missing.

Because Jürgen Ackers, the father of Kassel's goalkeeper Boris and the Neuss defender Gerrit, died unexpectedly last weekend. He would have turned 63 on October 28th, the day Boris has his birthday.

The meeting of the brothers is not only their first game against each other, but also their hardest. “Dad is watching us from above,” says Boris (30.). “He was really looking forward to this game. For him there has only been this date since it was clear that I was playing in Kassel. "

His younger brother (26) sees it similarly and adds: “Dad will somehow see it. We play for him. ”Because it was his father who awakened his sons' love for puck hunting from an early age. “He has spent half his life playing sports, and in his free time he was always on the hockey side,” recalls Boris.

And the love of ice hockey now helps the sons cope with the tragic circumstances of a game that they too had been looking forward to and still do. Because never before have the brothers' paths crossed as opponents. Boris guarded the goal for Frankfurt, Weißwasser and Bad Nauheim in the second and third division, among others. Gerrit, who works as a scaffolding builder and plays ice hockey as a hobby like the entire Neuss team, was most recently active for Grefrath in the fourth-class regional league.

“We don't need to talk about who wins,” he jokes. Newcomer Neuss, who last lost to Grefrath with the 14-man squad, is bottom of the league (0 points, 9:42 goals), while Kassel is unbeaten except for one point loss in Hamm (11/28: 11).

Still, Boris shouldn't give a present for his brother. “If Gerrit shoots on goal, I definitely won't miss it. On the one hand, dad wouldn't have wanted that, on the other hand, Gerrit could tease me with it for a lifetime ”, says the Huskies goalkeeper, who will stand between the posts for 30 minutes today. “I received great support from the huskies. Not every club I played for would have treated me that way, ”explains Boris.

His four-week trial contract ends on Monday. But the signs point to continuation. Coach Jesse Panek, who did not hesitate to give the goalkeeper a guarantee for today, says: "We would like to keep him." Ackers also emphasizes: "I feel very comfortable in Kassel and want to stay."

He wants to convince with performance against Neuss. With a win against the brother. And also to add one last to the many wonderful ice hockey memories that the brothers have with their father.

From Michaela Streuff


Michaela Streuff

Born 1980. With HNA since 2007, since 2009 in the sports department. Born deep in the west, but at home in Kassel for a long time

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