Should I make more appointments before getting married?

The 10 most common mistakes when proposing marriage

Too often you only notice when it is too late that you have said or done something inappropriate. That shouldn't happen with the engagement. We help them 10 Most Common Marriage Proposal Mistakes To Avoid.

Read now before you buy a ring or get engaged.

1. Choose an ordinary day

Schedule the proposal on any free day or on her birthday: Your loved one wants to feel unique on the day of the marriage proposal. Instead, choose a day with symbolic meaning for your relationship, such as the anniversary of your first date.

2. Show the ring to others beforehand

Letting other women try the ring on is not the best idea. It is wise to get a second opinion, but not from the girlfriends of your future fiancé. Make sure that your fiancée is the first in your circle of acquaintances and friends to see the ring and try it on, and leave the joy of "showing it around" to her for the first time.

3. Inform too many people

If you're ready to ask her the best question in life, don't initiate too many people. It's much more exciting for both of you when you share the news with friends and relatives after a successful engagement.

4. Hide and seek games with the ring

Imagine you are about to propose to your friend when she swallows the ring you previously gave cleverly hidden in an ice cream or cocktail. A visit to the emergency room is probably not the best way to start your future together.

5. Play a prank on her

Saying your brief before the planned motion that you probably won't be ready for a wedding in the next few years or that you suddenly have to go to jail could have unintended consequences. So you better refrain from such jokes.

6. Be inattentive

If you fail to treat your loved one like a VIP, please don't be surprised at the consequences. This also includes choosing the right location, for example. Do your research and you will find that many venues or restaurants will be more than happy to customize your marriage proposal.

7. Behave suspiciously

The closer the moment approaches, the more difficult it becomes to maintain the most common behavior possible. Constantly touching your pocket to make sure the ring is still there or similar nervousness could be tell-tale.

8. Losing sight of what it is about

Your application will only be perfect if you are honest, warm and passionate. Discussions - regardless of the topic - are to be avoided on the day of the application. Always remember: engagement day is an important day for you, but it is even more important for your partner!

9. Choose inappropriate words

Under no circumstances should you begin your application with the following 4 statements:
"Since we're not getting any younger ..."
"Even if my mother says ..."
"Unfortunately, my wild time is over, so ..."
"You won!"

10. Disregard traditions, don't ask in-laws

Last but not least, a traditional marriage proposal also involves asking your future in-laws before the engagement and asking them for their daughter's hand. That shows dignity and style. Your partner's parents will honor your courage and be happy about the addition of the family.

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