How can I become a better ballerina

Megatrend ballet workout: How EVERYONE can dance to their dream figure

Even as little girls, many of us dreamed of floating over the stage as delicate and graceful as an elf in a tutu. To be slim and elegant like a dancer, that's what we still want today! No wonder that stars like Oscar winner Natalie Portman and model Lily Aldridge swear by the ballet workout 'Ballet Beautiful'. The workout of the former professional dancer Mary Helen Browers ensures tight muscles and good posture.

With the ballet workout to the dream figure

The combination of ballet and fitness exercises tightens the entire body and everyone has the chance to get long and lean muscles that are nicely defined - like a ballerina. The fitness program 'Ballet Beautiful' by New Yorker Mary Helen Bowers is particularly successful. In her training, which is actually very strenuous, sweaty and particularly effective, Bowers relies on the elegant movements of classical ballet. With regular training, the workout gives us the long-awaited beautiful and defined muscles, an upright posture, elegance and more flexibility.

How does the ballet workout 'Ballet Beautiful' work?

At 'Ballet Beautiful' you train with your own body weight. The training effect is created primarily through the high repetitions of each exercise and the stretching that is adapted to it. And you will see: What looks effortlessly light on a ballerina is more than sweaty. So if you are expecting a leisurely workout now, you have unfortunately lost - it will be really exhausting.

For improved posture and balance, the focus is primarily on shoulders, arms and core muscles. Since the focus is on repetitions instead of weights, strong muscles will not grow, but the typical lean, muscular figure of a ballerina will be promoted. In addition, the ballet workout specifically targets muscle groups that are neglected in many other sports and training methods.

Don't be too disappointed: there are also classic fitness exercises. The abdominal muscles are often trained lying down in ballet workouts. Of course, the back is also included in all exercises. It is therefore particularly important that the movements are carried out correctly.

But then it goes straight to the ballerina style: With typical ballet elements such as pliƩs, legs and buttocks are trained. In the different variants, the entire body is stressed, because after all, you have to keep your balance here. With the modified basic positions you feel like a prima ballerina - even as a complete ballet beginner. The arms are then brought into play for the perfect ballerina look. They accompany the footwork. By the way, it is quite exhausting to imitate the flapping of a swan's wings with your arms. All movements flow smoothly into one another at a calm pace - the most important thing is the clean execution, not how fast you are.

Who is Mary Helen Bowers?

Mary Helen Browers is a former professional dancer with the New York City Ballet and has danced on stages around the world. Based on her many years of experience, she developed her training method.

Her method became famous through her involvement as the personal trainer of actresses such as Liv Tyler and Natalie Portman. Especially since Natalie Portman owes it to her ballet trainer to win the Oscar for her role in 'Black Swan'. But she also had to endure a lot: She was trained eight hours a day, five days a week by Browers for the filming of 'Black Swan' for a year.

But: who has time to practice such a discipline? The good news: For normal mortals who have regular working hours and have to look after the kids, there is a slimmed-down version on DVD. Ideally, you try to complete at least one part of the unit several times a week. Those who follow the program with discipline and adapt their nutrition plan can soon celebrate similar successes and look as athletic and elegant as a ballerina.

Thanks to the successful DVDs and online workouts, more and more women swear by the fitness program. The latter costs around 35 euros per month. In addition, there is also the option of booking online lessons with the 'Ballet Beautiful' trainer - these are, however, a bit more expensive.

If you just have fun dancing and want to try ballet: Many studios or adult education centers also offer beginner courses for adults, in which you can learn the basic steps with professional guidance.

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