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Pokémon Let's Go: should I choose Pikachu or Eevee?

Since November 16, “Pokémon Let's Go”, the latest offshoot of the pocket monster series, has been available for the first time on a home console - much to the delight of the huge Pokémon fan base around the world. The most pressing question Pokémon trainers have to ask themselves now is: Pikachu or Eevee?

The wild Fukano curiously sticks his head out of the bushes, hesitates a second and then runs straight towards me. Wanna play it No - the fluffy ball of fur attacks me! But it did the math without my twenty years of coaching experience: A well-placed Poké Ball - and the hearty beast is part of my Pokémon team.

This short sequence of an encounter, as hundreds of millions of Pokémon trainers have already experienced, shows what is new in the latest offshoot of the game series: Pokémon now move independently in the outside world instead of hiding in the tall grass. For the first time, the monsters actively approach the player and do not have to be weakened by a long battle before being caught. And not only that: The short animation before the catch sequence also adapts to the fact that Fukano was actively running towards me.

This is just one of the examples that shows how thoughtfully and with great attention to detail the latest offspring from the Pokémon universe is designed.

The story begins with Pokémon Yellow

"Pokémon Let's Go" is based on the yellow edition of the very first Pokemon series from 1998. Developer Game Freak is relaunching the title this year in a revamped version for the Switch and is bringing the popular series with the pocket monsters to a Nintendo home console for the first time .

While the protagonist of the original titles for the GameBoy from 1997, Red and Blue, plunged into the adventure alone, a first remake came on the market in 1998, in which the player of his Pokémon Pikachu at every turn through his entire Trip was accompanied.

The difference between Pikachu and Eevee

Twenty years later, “Pokémon Yellow” has now become “Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu”, while the “Let's Go Eevee” version is being released at the same time. In both versions, the title mascot is the first Pokémon that the player is set aside and at the same time the only monster he cannot part with during the entire game.

What remains of earlier versions is that eleven Pokémon per edition cannot be found in the wild, but must be exchanged with owners of other versions or imported from the “Pokémon Go” app.

The exclusive Pokémon at Let's Go Pikachu are: Myrapla, Duflor, Giflor, Sandan, Sandamer, Menki, Rasaff, Sleima, Sleimok, Sichlor and Fukano.

The exclusive Pokémon at Let's Go Eevee are: Rettan, Arbok, Vulpix, Vulnona, Mauzi, Knofensa, Ultrigaria, Sarzenia, Smogon, Smogmog and Pinsir.

This exclusivity is weakened somewhat by the fact that, from a certain point in the game, imports from “Pokémon Go” are also possible, where most trainers are likely to have already filled their Pokédex to the full.

With so many similarities to the earlier games: Are “Pokémon Let's Go” with Pikachu and Eevee just a lukewarm refresh from the original game from 20 years ago or does the new edition offer something new to experienced coaches?

Shaped by the hype app "Pokémon Go"

Anyone who wants to understand “Pokémon Let's Go” has to watch “Pokémon Go”: the absolutely exceptional game for the smartphone caused an unparalleled hype in 2016 and brought Pokémon nostalgia back to a target group that the series' games haven't been for 15 years had played. The “free to play” game generates millions in sales every month with in-app purchases and currently motivates thousands of players every day to go stalking together with friends in order to “catch them all”.

In “Pokémon Let's Go”, elements of the classic games from the GameBoy are now merging with new mechanics from the app. In addition to the already mentioned simplified catching mechanism and the swapping of monsters between the platforms, caught Pokémon can also be sent to Professor Eich: In return, the player receives sweets that can be used to strengthen their own team.

Nintendo is also launching its own controller, the “Poké Ball Plus”, especially for the game. Shaped after the iconic Pokéballs, the accessory can be used to control the game using two buttons and a joystick. In addition, a Pokémon from the game can be loaded onto the Poké Ball Plus, which turns the controller into a kind of Tamagotchi and automatically activates “PokéStops” for “Pokémon Go” players when taking a walk outside.

The multiplayer mode in “Let's Go” is also particularly beginner-friendly: at any time in the game, a helper can join in with his own controller and support the player in fighting or catching. This makes the game a bit simpler than it already is, but it also ensures quick and uncomplicated gaming fun even with inexperienced pairings.

Now what - Pikachu or Eevee?

And to answer the initial question: The differences between the two editions are not that big, which is why personal preference should most likely decide which of the two undoubtedly cute characters you want to embark on the great journey with. On online forums such as Quora, heated discussions rage with well-founded pros and cons, while the readers of various game portals such as Kotaku or Polygon naturally also have well-founded opinions on their favorites.

In the “Bluewin” editorial team, the case is clear: Who can say no to such a cute ball of fur like Eevee?

Overall, Nintendo, together with developer Game Freak, has achieved an absolute stroke of genius with “Pokémon Let's Go”: With the Japanese company using the app's hype to push its first title on its home console, Nintendo is likely to have a hot quarter ahead of it. First sales figures from Great Britain show that with the launch of the games not only were significantly more Switch consoles sold, but that other games such as “Mario Kart” are also benefiting from the pull.

Pokémon Let's Go, the Switch and all the accessories that go with it will undoubtedly be one of the hot items this Christmas season. One can grant Nintendo the success, because with this title the players - from young to old - get a charming and thoroughly refreshing gaming experience.

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