Decorate your home for autumn


The new autumn textiles from the SCHÖNER WOHNEN collection

When it gets colder outside, we need it to be extra warm and cozy inside. The new pillows and blankets from the SCHÖNER WOHNEN collection and cozy bed linen make the apartment fit for autumn. And best of all: everything is available to order.


Table decorations in autumn

No season is as neglected when it comes to table decorations as autumn. So you can enjoy the season of the pine cones, pumpkins and berries beyond handicrafts and DIY at the table.


Furnish comfortably

Do you want to furnish your home comfortably - especially in autumn ?! We reveal how you can create cozy relaxation areas with colors, materials and pleasant lighting.

Easy-care decoration

Dried flowers

Dried flowers can be wonderfully decorated in autumn - from delicate and girlish to individual and wild. How to dry the flowers and tie wreaths.