How much does a facial liposuction cost

Liposuction on the face

Not only the abdomen, legs, buttocks and arms are treated with liposuction - liposuction on the face, such as on the cheeks / cheeks, for example, is quite conceivable and possible. Many people have unpleasant flab in the chin and cheek areas, which can usually not be removed even with intensive facial gymnastics. Surgical modeling with the help of liposuction may prove to be ideal here. Another reason for treatment would be the formation of wrinkles with increasing age, which natural facial expressions bring with them over the years. Due to the removable elasticity of the skin, so-called sagging cheeks can also arise, which make the face look tired. This problem is no longer just a problem for women, men are also making more and more use of the innovative possibilities. A neck and forehead lift would likely tighten the skin and make it look younger.

Because the face of a person is the most official point of view, which cannot be completely covered with clothing at any time, the interest in aesthetic shaping is very great. Normally, the procedure is carried out under local anesthesia - if the patient is rather anxious, however, general anesthesia would be an alternative to use. For operations on the face, a surgeon should generally be chosen who has sufficient experience in this field and is very well versed in the field, because the surrounding nerves or tissue could be injured if carelessly suctioned or lifted; the face is extremely sensitive and should be treated with great care.

The amount of the costs depends on the type and extent of the treatment. Comparisons are worthwhile, but much more important in this case is the expertise of the selected cosmetic surgeon.