What is a masonry lintel


Fall, what is it?

The lintel as a window lintel or door lintel is an important component in every house construction. A solid house, prefabricated house or log house builder who deals with his location and task becomes aware of its importance:

As the upper limit of door and window openings, lintels have a stabilizing function. Since there is an opening below the lintel instead of the wall, it must have the necessary stability to carry the loads above it. By forwarding the masonry pressure to the more stable side walls, it prevents breaks in the masonry above the opening and in the window or door frame below. Spanning the wall opening, the lintel rests with both ends on the masonry next to it. These support surfaces are therefore also called supports. In modern house construction, concrete lintels, steel lintels, reinforced concrete lintels or clay lintels of the prefabricated lintel or individually made lintel construction method are used. There is also the masonry lintel and the wood lintel. In Austria falls are often referred to as "Overlay" referred to, in Switzerland as "Fighter". The sole, threshold or lower threshold are the opposite of lintel, so to speak, “upper threshold” is a synonym for the component.

Falls in a solid house / prefabricated house / log house - application examples


• e.g. lintel for front door,

• patio door

• or balcony door


• e.g. for triangular windows,

• Round arch

• or as a lintel with a roller shutter box

More lintel elements

• Lintel for garage door

• Lintel for passage or passage

• Lintel for wall breakthrough (absolutely necessary for a load-bearing wall)

• Lintel for hatch

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The lintel is a horizontal beam above the wall opening.

Historic falls

Long before reinforced concrete entered the world of house construction, came large, carved window and door lintels made of natural stone for use. In the medieval half-timbered house, wooden beams were used as cross braces over wall openings - the so-called Lintel bolt - moved in. Later stone-on-stone masonry houses were given masonry lintels with an arched course. These Bow fall or Lintel arch mentioned Masonry lintels Thanks to their shape, they diverted loads particularly well into the neighboring masonry.

Pull in a lintel made of concrete or steel?

When building with sand-lime brick or cement stone, house building companies use a concrete or steel lintel, when processing brick or lightweight brick they use the clay lintel. The house construction company uses the solid house or prefabricated house statics to define whether a concrete, steel or reinforced concrete lintel is suitable for the respective application. Today she can find the right one for almost every need Buy precast lintels. This avoids the additional work involved in concreting or pouring a window or door lintel. Only lintels that span large distances often have to be made individually.