What is a mixed call center

Call center

Please also note the Current market overview of software solutions and explanations on the subject of call centers

Typical functions for call center software: Switching functions

  • Management of telephone calls within a company
  • Call acceptance and display of all caller details
  • Standard exchange functions such as call forwarding, queues and call recording
  • Management of a large number of extensions or external lines
  • Mailbox functions for each extension
  • Simple music on hold
  • Programmed dialing for outbound call centers
  • Simple, web-like control panel that can be accessed remotely
  • Digital call forwarding over a computer network (including cordless)
  • Interfaces to VoIP (including Skype Connect accounts) and / or analog landline telephones
  • Support of video and IP video telephones
  • Telephone recording functions
  • Multiple phone lines at the same time and automatic recording
  • Log the number dialed (DTMF (multi-frequency dialing) tones)
  • Outbound call screening and cost estimation display and logging
  • Search for dialed DTMF numbers
  • Record Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) calls directly over the network
  • Caller ID logging and optional caller ID flashing on the screen
  • Call button selection menus and ability for the caller to enter numbers
  • Remote phone access
  • Automatic detection of the respective IP exchange if it is installed on the same server
  • Save incoming messages as wav files (keep messages for legal recording purposes)
  • Automatic business hours function (options to enter business hours, calls are automatically accepted after business hours)
  • Control of outgoing messages and menus
  • Test functions such as a call simulator to test the system offline
  • Automated outgoing calls and messages
  • Control of voice mailboxes (e-mail forwarding, internet access page, remote access)
  • Support of various options, such as manual dialing, modem-supported dialing, CTI-supported dialing or power or predictive dialing

Typical functions for call center software: functions of address and contact management

  • Administration of addresses with contact persons
  • Administration of additional contact-related data (telephone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses and websites, qualifications, etc.)
  • Duplicate functions, automatic detection, display and cleaning of duplicate addresses
  • Interfaces to geographical information systems (e.g. display geographically with Google Earth addresses, plan routes with Google Maps, etc.)
  • Integrated computer telephony for all external and internal calls
  • Log phone calls, correspondence and visit reports
  • Document management with archiving of common data formats (e.g. Word, Excel, PDF, JPG, etc.)
  • Create and manage reminder and calendar functions, tasks and appointments
  • Manage projects (also across addresses)
  • Management of electronic files for addresses, contact persons, users and your own organization
  • Statistical evaluations using standard functions and predefined SQL filters
  • Import functions to read addresses e.g. directly from MS Excel
  • Management of articles and orders for teleselling
  • Management of multiple diaries per campaign
  • Limitation of the number of calls per address

Typical functions for call center software: Campaign management

  • Campaign management with automated single and multiple sending of letters, faxes and e-mails
  • Management of multiple campaigns with multiple address lists per campaign
  • Page designer for the graphic design of the conversation guide
  • Workflow designer for the graphic definition of the workflow within the conversation guide
  • Advanced, automatic contact planner with a wide range of setting options
  • Visualization of the progress and status of the campaign and individual address lists in real time
  • Monitor all activities of the call agents in real time
  • Reports for the administration and evaluation of the campaigns as well as for the management of the call center
  • Functions for running mixed outbound / inbound campaigns and campaigns that combine telemarketing or an opinion poll with sales or making an appointment
  • Interfaces to TAPI / SIP-compatible device (modem, ISDN telephone, PBX)

Typical functions for call center software: Other common integrations and interfaces

  • Integration with MS Exchange Server
  • Export options for contacts, orders, appointments and calls, e.g. B. directly to MS Excel
  • Messaging options for defining templates for e-mail, fax or SMS messages and sending personalized messages directly by agents during the call
  • Plug-ins for Internet and ODBC SQL connections, fax polling, hardware control
  • Interfaces to SAP, Dynamics NAV, Saferpay, UPS, Blackberry etc.
  • Text-to-speech speech synthesis as an alternative to recording or importing wav or mp3 files
  • Encryption of the data in the database in different security levels

Further specific criteria and suggestions for questions for the assessment of call center software

  • Before making a software decision, conduct a thorough market research for potentially suitable solutions. Our tip: Use our free research service without any obligation. Questions are worked out, large parts of the tender are accepted, potential solutions are presented in a structured manner and communication with the providers is documented!
  • Check the duplicate functions: Are different spellings or spelling mistakes taken into account?
  • Comprehensive call center solutions also offer options for professionally spoken greetings that are available for selection. In addition, queue messages and music can often be mixed in real time via additional modules.
  • Ask if you can schedule active periods for time-dependent messages if you only want to activate messages at specific times or on specific days.
  • In addition, ask whether the solution plays clear, high-quality, digital audio and the latest 'fuzzy logic' (with the help of fuzzy logic, the so-called fuzziness (uncertainty, ambiguity) can be derived from information such as "a little", "quite", " strong "or" very "recorded in mathematical models) is used for the optimal change of z. B. Queue messages.
  • Also clarify whether there are speech synthesizer functions for generating text-to-speech.
  • It is also important that the system can be configured and managed from an intuitive web control panel.
  • Let us explain to you whether an automatically maintained knowledge database is included in the scope of the solution. Knowledge databases contain important status information about customers, equipment and contract details as well as technical and commercial information that could be important for advisory and service purposes. Integration with existing knowledge databases should also be possible.