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Giving flowers: the meaning of colors

give flowers always works. No matter whether for a company anniversary, Mother's Day or a birthday - Say it with flowers is common advice when it comes to paying tribute to an occasion or a person. Flowers - often in the form of cut flowers - are much more than just a present for embarrassment. The choice of colors, the type of flower and its composition say something. The giver conveys his message, his appreciation or his thanks. Sometimes the meaning of the colors and types has been forgotten. So that you know what you are giving and what it is better to keep your hands off of, so that you do not send false messages ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Giving flowers: a form of attention

Flowers are awesome. Hardly anyone who doesn't Joy at the sight of flowers feels. Tastes may be different, not everyone necessarily likes the same plants. But it almost never works without it: Flowers add color and fragrant accents.

Many people feel real gardener pride when they see theirs raise your own flowers and enjoy their flowers. Cut flowers, on the other hand, are short-lived, but make up for it with their splendor and abundance.

As a gift giver, it is best to choose the flowers on site yourself, then you can contact them directly Texture and quality to convince. Especially since the moment when you give the flowers is a special one. But sometimes this is not possible because professional appointments speak against it.

That doesn't have to be a problem, nowadays giving flowers is relatively easy. You can buy flowers online and / or send them with a flower delivery service such as Fleurop Flowers, even if you can not in the same place how the recipient is staying.

Occasions on which we give flowers

Flowers are a part of non-verbal communication that supports the gesture of giving.

For example, when someone wants to apologize, but um the right words wrestles. The occasions on which people give flowers are very different:

Or because you just want to say thank you. Depending on the occasion, however, you should also choose the colors and types of flowers. Most will already know that red roses are one Symbol of love and represent romantic affection. It is not for nothing that there is talk of so-called "cavalier roses".

It is easy to imagine that red, long-stemmed roses in a business context as inappropriate felt - for example, if these were presented to the managing director on the company's anniversary. But a well-intentioned flower greeting can also backfire in the private sphere: For example, when a bouquet of red roses is tantamount to a revelation, but the beloved feels completely taken by surprise.

So anyone who wants to give flowers not only needs knowledge of the symbolism of different colors and types, but also the necessary instinct.

Depending on the relationship with the recipient and the occasion, they play Type of handing over and the size a role. For example, anyone who has received an invitation from the boss will hardly show up with self-picked daisies. But the mini-bouquet from the discounter for 4.99 euros should also look strange.

Giving flowers: meaning of varieties and colors

The main problem with giving flowers is that meaning not clear is. In some cases, flowers are assigned a completely different meaning in the professional world and in traditional literature than is the case in common society.

In case of doubt, expert opinions should be left out when choosing the right flower and rather those general lay opinion taken into account become. This minimizes the risk of making a mistake.

And then there is always that personal taste. Some may find poppies beautiful, others see them as a better weed. If the giver does not meet the taste of the recipient, the positive symbolism behind it is of no use, regardless of whether laypeople and experts are of the same opinion.

Especially the colors Red and white could hardly be more contradicting: red can stand for love, but also friendship. White for innocence, but also sadness.

Roses, carnations, tulips and orchids represent very similar messages. They are easy to hand over to the lady of the heart because they are associated with love, friendship and uniqueness. Especially at Roses and carnations The choice of colors is important, with other flowers the variety itself:

  • rose

    This flower is an absolute classic and whenever romantic feelings are to be expressed, roses are used. However, depending on the color, you should be careful:

    • red

      Red roses are a symbol of love and passion. Salmon-colored roses stand for "I admire you". Pink roses represent joy. Pink flowers mean youth, beauty and gratitude.

    • White

      White is considered the color of innocence, naivete and childlike. So white roses are nowhere near as strong a symbol as red roses. Depending on the culture, you can still use it to express your sincere affection. In the USA, for example, white roses would be understood as a form of worship for the dream woman.

    • yellow

      Yellow is often interpreted as the color of jealousy and resentment. At the same time, yellow roses - provided they are not given away among lovers - are understood as a sign of friendship.

  • clove

    Carnations are a symbol as powerful as roses. This popular flower pairs beautifully with others in the bouquet, but caution is also required with its meaning:

    • red

      Red carnations represent love, passion and courage. Friendship can be symbolized with other colors.

    • White

      White carnations can also signal friendship. At the same time, white in this context also means purity and spirituality.

    • yellow

      Yellow carnations are harmless and represent friendship, joy and fun.

  • lily

    This very noble flower represents modesty, humility and elegance. It is suitable as a token of appreciation and for special occasions. Their diversity makes it possible to give away bouquets that are off the mainstream:

    • White

      Caution is especially advisable with white lilies: On the one hand, they traditionally belong to a baptism, since the white symbolizes the innocence of the person being baptized and the youth. For a church event, a traditionally arranged arrangement would be absolutely appropriate. However, white lilies are also used as funeral flowers. So if you are giving flowers for a birthday, you should never choose a bouquet of white lilies. Neither if you are visiting a sick person.

    • yellow

      Yellow lilies are also not entirely harmless. If a man gives another man a bouquet of yellow lilies, this could be interpreted as a sign of erotic affection.

    • orange

      Orange lilies are rated as passion and desire.

They have the following meaning Flower varieties:

  • Gerberas

    The gerbera is representative as a compliment, but also for helpfulness, beauty and sadness.

  • daffodil

    Straight white flowers stand for admiration. Based on the ancient legend about Narcissus, these flowers also stand for vanity and pride.

  • thistle

    Also be careful with this plant: the prickly thistle stands for strength, potency and independence. Similar to a cactus, however, it can also be perceived as an insult.

Language and flowers

Even if flowers, for example, to say goodbye to the grave, do without words: flowers and language are closely linked. This is not only shown by sayings about giving flowers, but also by expressions such as “say something through the flower” or terms such as “flowery”, “blümeln” or “bluntly”, all of which relate to the language.

For example, “flowery” is understood to mean a particularly ornate language that uses the Opposite of directness represents. This is different with “bluntly”, which may seem too direct to some.

"Blümeln" can be seen as a synonym for flirting. This is what it was called when someone wrote letters in the 18th century simply by the type of flower, their number and their color Expressing feelings could. Similar to the adjective "flowery", "red flowers", "word flowers" or "flowers" are used when something is verbally expressed and embellished in detail.

In ancient Rome this was called flosculus, literally translated: "Blümchen", denotes. The term is derived from this in German Empty phrase from.

By that we mean something that sounds nice at first glance, but completely empty in terms of content is.

Sayings and quotes to give flowers

  • A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.Gertrude Stein
  • I didn't pick a few flowers today to give you their life.Christian Morgenstern
  • What sunshine is to flowers, smiling faces are to people.Joseph Addison
  • Flowers are the beautiful words and hieroglyphs of nature, with which she indicates to us how much she loves us.Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • Fragrances are the feelings of flowers.Heinrich Heine
  • All the flowers are harmless. Only not the red rose, it stings! Stings like the dear sun so warm, May is only poor without the rose, May without the rose only torment - you silent reasons, you lonely valley.Achim von Arnim
  • Where flowers bloom, the world smiles.Ralph Waldo Emerson

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