Is McDonald's Soda special

Fast food: the 14-year-old burger is a symbol of McDonald’s haters

Wrong world. An online portal asks its readers: "Would you still eat hamburgers after these pictures?" The uninhibited contemporary who wants to open the said pictures with the computer mouse is likely to expect a rotten fast food product, full of mold, the meat loaf already green and the bun blue. But he's wrong.

The hamburger bought at McDonald’s looks something like one that has just walked over the counter at the fast food restaurant. No signs of decay. But that is exactly what it is, warns that website, which of course should prohibit a visit to McDonald’s.

This website is now being seen by a "Sebastian" who works for the aforementioned snack chain. And he defended his breadwinner - under a pseudonym - in an online comment on that post.

In memorable words: "I happen to work at McDonald’s and therefore I know how the organic bins smell when the burgers arrive that have exceeded their holding time after 15 minutes. They are picked up every three days, but it smells pretty disgusting at the end of a shift, and it looks very interesting even after three days. "What he means: It stinks, so everything is okay at McDonald’s.

Disgusting performance is good, but appetizing looks are extremely unsavory. This is how the seemingly bizarre front line between McDonald’s supporters and bitter fast food opponents can be described. The same skirmishes with the same weapons take place on this front every few years. At the moment it's that time again. Now, in April 2013, it is a certain David Whipple from the US state of Utah who has a hamburger that he claims to have bought 14 years ago displayed on the Internet a million times over.

Some kind of zombie food?

The highlight: The hamburger still looks like it did on the day of shopping. Without any mold or rot. Ugh devil! As early as 2010, an artist from New York put photos of a hamburger that she had bought six months earlier in large newspapers, in Internet portals, blogs and TV shows because it still looked as fresh as it did on the first day.

The message of the production: The meatball roll is obviously peppered with preservatives. It is not asserted, but it is insinuated. And everyone reads it like that. Because that's how he wants to read it. The basic tenor of the comments on the Internet is designed accordingly.

It is a kind of zombie food, apparently fully synthetic, what you eat there. Pure chemistry. Everyone sees. Of course, she herself claimed, the artist was not up to anything against the fast food company. Rather, her idea was to capture the hamburger's rotten process day after day in pictures, rather than art. Who knows how she would have staged this in turn. Either way, it didn't work.

Protecting mankind from fast food

The "Süddeutsche Zeitung" reported - like almost all the major German media - in detail and commented: "Doctors have been warning about fast food products for a long time." Even the German capital's internet portal,, always worried about them Eating habits of her precariat, took care of the matter: “The hamburger that doesn't go moldy. What began as an art project raises questions about the ingredients of fast food. "