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Black Adam - Everything about DC's Anti-Shazam! need to know

With Black Adam, another DC character is already casting its shadow in the DCEU. All her guys about Shazams! Arch enemy, you will learn in the following article.

Next year starts with Shazam! the next DCEU film in our cinemas, which one already funnier than previous DCEU films to be promised. Billy Batson's archenemy Black Adam has also been confirmed for an appearance in the DCEU and with Dwayne Johnson an actor has already been hired for the part. But who is Black Adam anyway? We'll tell you.

When did Black Adam appear in the comics?

Black Adam made his first appearance in The Marvel Family # 1 from 1945. It wasn't until much later, after the rights to the Captain Marvel Comics had passed into the possession of DC Comics and were restarted after a long hiatus, that Black Adam became a fixture in the DC universe.

Who is Black Adam?

Since Black Adam, like so many other DC characters, has been revised over and over again over the years, we will limit ourselves to his latest Origin story from the New 52 comicsthat started in 2011. In this story it was Teth-Adam Born as a slave in the fictional land of Kandaq, which was forcibly ruled by ancient Egypt. Together with his nephew Aman, Adam managed to escape from captivity, but the boy's parents were not granted this happiness. Later Adam and Aman found each other on Rock of Eternity again, the place that young Billy Batson would also go to thousands of years later. The Rock of Eternity serves as the base of the Council of Eternity, a group of ancient magicians and deities who watch over the balance of the earth from there.

In Aman they immediately recognize great potential and choose him as their new champion, your sword in the fight against the evil forces. If he used the word Shazam! calls, he transforms himself into the most powerful mortal in the world. However, the boy should not have this power for long, because Adam murders Aman and so usurps its magical powers. A battle breaks out between the born Black Adam and the members of the council, most of whom pay with their lives. Only the magician Shazam remains and Black Adam was to remain locked in a prison for 5000 years. At least until modern times Dr. Sivana freed the former magical champion. A fight ensues between Black Adam and Shazam !, in the course of which Black Adam dies and crumbles to ashes. However, some time later he was to be resurrected.

Black Adams Powers & Skills

Like his story, his powers and abilities have been subject to one or two changes over the decades, which is why we want to refer to the New 52 version of the character here as well. Originally, various Egyptian deities gave Black Adam his power, similar to Shazam! draws his power from several deities. In the new comics, when Black Adam calls out the name of the magician Shazam, he gets the following powers:

  • Divine power
    This power is great and is on a similar level to that of Shazam! and Superman.
  • Superhuman strength
    Black Adam can lift weights of several thousand tons. The limits of its strength are unknown.
  • Superhuman speed
    He can fly. Its top speed is unknown.
  • invulnerability
    His opponents find it difficult to wound Black Adam.
  • Magical perception
    Black Adam can recognize magical things and beings.
  • Magical power
    He has magical powers and can manipulate lightning.
  • Powerful weapon
    He owns a powerful weapon, the Yellow Lantern ring.
  • weakness
    The magic of higher levels, for example that of Dr. Black Adam has nothing to oppose Fate or The Specter in the long run.

Has Black Adam been seen in the DCEU?

To make it short: no. But there are Easter eggs in the previously released Shazam! trailers referring to Black Adam's existence in the DCEU. When Billy first steps onto the Rock of Eternity, we see various empty seats next to Shazam, alluding to the above-mentioned fight between Black Adam and the Council of Eternity.

What are the next plans for Black Adam?

Although Black Adam probably originally played a role in Shazam! should play, the makers finally decided against letting both characters meet in the first film. Instead, see Black Adam get his own moviein order to establish him in the DCEU. The script for the film is still being worked on, but everyone involved is confident that the start of production may not be in the distant future. A fight against his archenemy Shazam! could follow in a later DCEU film. In addition, there are rumors that Black Adam might be a member of the Task Force X in Suicide Squad 2 be. In the comics, the Suicide Squad was already messing with Black Adam on Amanda Waller's orders.

Are you looking forward to Black Adam at the DCEU?