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WhatsApp statistics: so many messages you have written

WhatsApp is hard to imagine a cell phone without. If you are wondering which of your contacts you write to the most, you will find various statistics directly in WhatsApp.

So you don't need an additional app to find out how many pictures you have received or how many messages you have exchanged with a contact. We'll show you where to find the relevant information.

WhatsApp: How many messages have you written?

The statistics are available for WhatsApp on the iPhone as well as for Android. This is how you can find the WhatsApp statistics on your iPhone and Android phone:

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Control the Settings at.
  3. Call the section Data and memory usage on.
  4. Switch to the submenu Memory usage.

Here you will now find an overview of your WhatsApp contacts to whom you have already sent messages. The order does not indicate the total number of messages sent, but the data exchanged. With the contact at the top, you have exchanged the most pictures, videos or other large files. If you want to delete the statistics, tap in the respective contact overview Free up space.

WhatsApp statistics show the number of messages sent, pictures and more

If you want to know how many messages you have written with the relevant WhatsApp user, tap a contact. At the top you will find the exact information for text messages. Unfortunately, it is not possible to break down how many messages were written by you and the person opposite. For group chats, the number applies to all group participants. In addition to the total number of messages sent, you can also find out how many photos, stickers, GIFs, voice messages and videos were sent in the conversation. Both the number and the amount of data used are given in megabytes.

If you suspect that WhatsApp is draining your data volume, you open instead of the area Memory usage the menu for the Network usage. Here you can find out how much data was used by WhatsApp for chats, calls, backups, media and more.

Is the data volume always empty? This doesn't happen so quickly with our tariffs!

The statistics are reset as soon as a chat history is deleted or WhatsApp is reinstalled. You can get more comprehensive statistics with an additional app. For example, Chat Stats analyzes your group chats to show which participant has sent how many messages. Note, however, that these applications are third-party apps and not official WhatsApp offerings. You should not link sensitive chat histories here.

We'll help you elsewhere if WhatsApp shows the wrong number of messages.