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AVG PC TuneUp - Windows optimization

With the current version 20.1 of the AVG PC TuneUp, formerly known as TuneUp Utilities, the AVG software company, otherwise known primarily for its anti-virus solutions, offers a very useful tool collection with which Windows can be optimized and maintained in various ways. In addition, the shareware, which can be used free of charge for 15 days, comes with a number of additional functions that are helpful at operating system level in everyday use of the computer.

Windows plaster

The program package offers over 30 tools that cover the areas of performance improvement, maintenance, hard disk cleaning and customization. With the help of 1-click maintenance, AVG PC TuneUp carries out the most important options automatically so that the user has the least possible configuration effort.

Extensive functions for cleaning up the system from unnecessary data garbage are offered, which not only support Windows itself, but also a steadily growing number of third-party programs - for example, popular applications such as iTunes are freed from unneeded data residues. Among other things, temporary files or duplicate databases can be tracked down and removed.

More speed

In addition to clearing out to free up as much memory as possible, Windows can also be whipped up through further improvements, such as deleting superfluous autostart entries or deactivating services that are usually not required. An existing turbo mode switches off unnecessary background programs with a click of the mouse.

Rescue data and fix errors

Restore options are also included, for example to retrieve deleted files or to correct incorrect Windows settings. Security-critical conditions such as gaps in the system can also be identified. Aside from the capabilities of AVG PC TuneUp to free the hard drive of data garbage, it can also be checked for any errors or made more efficient through defragmentation. Extensive analysis functions can also be used to permanently display the status of the PC and ongoing processes.

Save the battery and adapt the look

In order to reduce the power consumption of the computer, there is the economy mode, which, among other things, is supposed to reduce the power consumption of various hardware components, as well as an airplane mode to deactivate WLAN, Bluetooth and Co. Tablets continue to increase. The package offered by AVG PC TuneUp is rounded off by various visual customization options on the Windows user interface and the display of hidden setting options.

New features in TuneUp Utilities 2017

The current version of AVG TuneUp now also includes an automatic software updater that automatically searches for new versions of installed programs on the Internet and even updates them in the background if desired. A sleep mode function puts programs that are not required into a hibernation state, so that they use less system resources and also put less strain on the battery of laptops. In addition, the cleaner has been further optimized.

Leaves nothing to be desired

AVG PC TuneUp has all the tools you need to get a paralyzed Windows back into shape. Unfortunately, since its name change, the software is no longer available as a full version with no time limit. Instead, a 1-year subscription can be purchased for 34.99 euros. A permanently free alternative to AVG's system optimization collection is available, for example, with the Free System Utilities.

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