How often does Las Vegas get earthquakes

Earthquake hits California again

According to the USGS earthquake monitoring station, the quake had a magnitude of 7.1. The epicenter was about 200 kilometers north of Los Angeles. It was the same region where the earth had shaken two days earlier. The latest tremor is said to have been eleven times stronger than the two days ago, US seismologists said.

Strongest quake for 20 years

Apparently several buildings collapsed in the city of Trona. In addition, there are "serious reports" of fires caused by gas leaks, as California's emergency coordinator Mark Ghilarducci announced. Everywhere in the region there were sometimes failures in the energy supply.

The quake could also be felt in Los Angeles, a good 250 kilometers away. The fire brigade sent vehicles and helicopters there to check for possible damage and to provide assistance in the event of damage. "There were local power outages in suburbs of Los Angeles," reported the fire department. Otherwise, the damage should be kept within limits. There was no major damage to the infrastructure.

According to the fire department, there were only slightly injured people in the area. A fire brigade spokesman told CNN that there were no searches for people who might have been buried.

Tin cans fall off the shelf: California is hit by a strong earthquake

In Las Vegas, 230 kilometers away, a game of the professional basketball clubs New York Knicks and New Orleans Pelicans had to be stopped when the scoreboard and loudspeakers began to wobble eight minutes before the end of the game. Portland Trail Blazers basketball player Meyers Leonard said the quake woke him up at his Las Vegas hotel. "The whole hotel was swaying. It was really crazy," wrote Leonard on Twitter.

The governor of California has declared a state of emergency for the affected region. In this way, emergency services and funds can be mobilized quickly. The earthquake was the strongest in southern California since 1999, when a 7.1 magnitude quake shook the region.

Millions feel tremors

On Thursday, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake was registered in a desert region over 200 kilometers northeast of Los Angeles. Hundreds of aftershocks followed. Seismologists had warned that there could be even bigger quakes.

Devastation on California's streets: after the earthquake, there was a landslide

The tremor on Thursday was felt by millions of people from Sacramento in northern California to San Diego and from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in the desert state of Nevada and on Mexico's northern border. The small town of Ridgecrest near Death Valley National Park was hardest hit.

After the two quakes, fears arose in the most populous US state that these could be harbingers of a major earthquake along the San Andreas Fault, which runs parallel to the California coast. The seismologist Lucy Jones classified the probability of such an earthquake as low and pointed out that the two earthquakes occurred in a different region with small cracks in the rock.

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  • California: Heaviest quake in 20 years

    Cracks in the desert floor

    As in the picture, the earthquake on Thursday morning (local time) tore the earth in several places near the epicenter in southern California. Millions of people hundreds of kilometers away could feel the tremor, for example in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and neighboring Mexico. As the "Los Angeles Times" reported, it is the worst earthquake in southern California since 1999.

  • California: Heaviest quake in 20 years

    Chaos in buildings and supermarkets

    In this supermarket in the desert town of Ridgecrest, the earthquake shook numerous products off the shelves. Ridgecrest was hardest hit, according to USGS earthquake control. The epicenter of the quake was therefore not far from the small town in the San Bernardino district at a depth of 10.7 kilometers.

  • California: Heaviest quake in 20 years

    Clean-up amid aftershocks

    Power lines were also damaged by the quake. In addition, fires broke out in two houses in Ridgecrest because of defective gas pipes. As announced by seismologists, there were numerous aftershocks after the big quake on Thursday, the strongest so far hit the region on Friday morning (local time) with a magnitude of 5.4.

  • California: Heaviest quake in 20 years

    Evacuated as a precaution

    According to the authorities, the Kern County, which includes Ridgecrest, has received a number of emergency calls. According to the media, the mayor of the small town, Peggy Breeden, declared a state of emergency. Some patients at Ridgecrest Hospital were evacuated as a precautionary measure after the earthquake.

  • California: Heaviest quake in 20 years

    Earthquakes frequent the region

    This "mobile home" is cordoned off after the earthquake - it is easy to see why. California is considered to be very prone to earthquakes: the San Andreas Rift runs over a length of almost 1,300 kilometers through the US west coast state. The Pacific plate and the North American plate rub against it. Huge tensions build up in the process.

  • California: Heaviest quake in 20 years

    Aftershocks yes, major quakes no

    In addition, fears were voiced that the quake was a harbinger of a major quake that scientists in California have long been predicting. US President Trump quickly tweeted the fears: "Everything seems to be very much under control!" One should rather rely on the seismologists: But according to them, it is unlikely that a major quake will follow in the next few days.

    Author: Ines Eisele