What is your inner strength about?

Inner strength recognize and expand

External and internal strength

The way your body feels, so does your inside. Take your body into account in all of your mental exercises. He will support you on your way.

TIP 1: Plan for a short walk each day and make conscious time to cook a healthy meal.

TIP 2: Assume an upright posture in situations where you would most like to crawl. Do you notice the changed perception of your body and your thoughts?

Your social environment influences your thinking

People who surround us in everyday life usually perceive us differently than we do ourselves. They are the ones who encourage us in crises, give us strength and sometimes pull us out of the negative flow of thoughts. That is why it is important that you surround yourself with people who will help you promote your development. Try to be this person in the life of others too.

TIP 1: Talk to people calmly if you find that they have a negative or positive effect on your inner strength. In this way you activate their perception that they may be projecting their own feelings onto you.

TIP 2: Ask your friends and family what qualities they value in you. You will be pleasantly surprised! And no, that really has nothing to do with it fishing for compliments to do, but shows great courage!