Are LSD flashbacks real

Shaky life of its own

In the cinema 01/23/2013[…] has expanded into a feature film, this underlines this impressively. So back to the roots - to the classic horror cinema, to Vincent Price and Frankenstein, to beautiful black and white instead of brightly colored LSD-Rausch of digital cinema manufacture. "Frankenweenie" begins with a Super8 short film from Victor's attic production, in addition to its beautiful technical deficits, the framing film itself is noticeable […] By Thomas Groh, Nikolaus Perneczky

Duvall on Acid: Billy Bob Thornton's 'Jayne Mansfield's Car' (Contest)

Out of breath: The Berlinale Blog 14.02.2012[…] Patrick) saw the war only from far behind the front, an inferiority complex is the result, which he translates into particularly pithy slogans. Carroll (Kevin Bacon), decorated World War II veteran, is LSD throwing hippie at anti-war demonstrations. The worst thing for Skip (Billy Bob Thornton) was: The experiences of the world war plunged him into a state of bizarre mental derangement […] bitter man whom Duvall depicts with enormous gravity. And of course Duvall at the end in a key scene: The grandson, who got stuck on a trip himself, secretly pours him LSD into the iced tea that Duvall takes with him on the hunt as provisions. How Duvall first almost judged John Hurt as a pensioner running amok in the forest ("Hande uber dem Kopf, you lousy German"), but then with him […] is talked about. But maybe the press conference was just a package that is supposed to sell the actual message of the film in the guise of an anti-war film: Especially loosening the tongues LSD- The sequence clearly corresponds to another scene in which alcohol flows between the two families in the evening. It happens as it has to happen with alcohol: The mood becomes aggressive […] By Thomas Groh

Heavy Uffz

In the cinema 03/04/2010[…] The title, correspondingly silly: Bridges as an old hippie in military clothes is not without charm, the same applies to the flashback Clooney with a rarely stupid rocker mat on his head and for the im LSD- Kevin Spacey staggering through the desert. And yet it all remains pretty conservative in form and tone, the film doesn't want much. Presumably, the lack of ambition is even intentional, a kind of slacker maintenance […] By Thomas Groh

Excerpt from Paul Veyne: Foucault. Part 2

March 12, 2009[…] Drugs, opium and LSD, but he only gave in to it in a controlled manner and at intervals of several months, since the joy of writing and working as well as the pleasure that his teaching gave him were sufficient to prevent any excess. After finishing the lectures he gave every year in Berkeley (he loved being in the US, he loved the country), he took one LSD-Trip (the once […]

Leafed forward

Leaflet 08/29/2005[…] "Sticky fingers". I went to Paris. The dance lesson. The graduation exams. The sudden isolation afterwards. Marcuse's "attempt at liberation". My first car. Lonely, aimless journeys. Joints, a couple LSDTrips. Tubingen. Munich. Stuttgart. Careless love. The spiritual and then also the life-historical shock that the concepts of classical German philosophy and its Gnostic pathos experienced in the first […]

Leafed forward

22.09.2003[…] N and utopian social projects pupated and a virulent underground of terrorist groups are born. At the beginning of the JOURNEY there are hallucinatory impressions and conversations of one LSD-Trips that Vesper had taken with an American Jew in Munich (!) (Meaningful exclamation mark in the original). With this text he wanted - at least according to his conception - under the […] Vesper treats his trip companion Burton, the son of a wealthy Jewish lawyer from New York, whom Vesper picked up on the way back from Dubrovnik and persuaded to do visions and tirades LSD to share with him. But Burton, a child of the Woodstock generation who works in an advertising agency and only wanted to take a little freak, reacts to these all too German confessions […]