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Flip flop

Who invented the flip-flops and why are they called that?

There is the right shoe for every occasion: Wellington boots, sneakers, pumps and sandals. But where do the shoes with the funny name "flip-flops" come from and who invented them?

Flip-flops are so-called thong sandals. The strap comes between the big toe and the adjacent one. Sandals are among the oldest shoe models known to man. Very early on, people found it practical to protect their feet from injury and invented a sole that was attached to the foot with a strap. Thong sandals were already used by the ancient Egyptians. The Japanese have also known such sandals for a long time. With them they are called "Zori". It is believed that these Zori are the role models for today's flip-flops.

Rubber thong sandals were probably first made by the Japanese rubber industry in the 1950s. From there they came to the United States and spread. Or maybe the first time they were made in Brazil based on the Japanese model.

And where does this name come from? That is not entirely clear either. The name for the sandals has been around since the late 1950s. The term itself has existed for much longer. In American English, for example, “to flip-flop” means when a politician suddenly changes his mind.

The fact that the sandal was given this name probably has more to do with the noise it makes when walking, when the sole slaps onto the ground and then onto the sole of the foot. "Flip-flop" is an onomatopoeic word.