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Bring your style to the wall!

Consensus can make life a lot easier - the only difference is that you shouldn't compromise on personal style. Whether the right wardrobe or the choice of the appropriate car, here you give individuality Expression. This becomes particularly clear in the interior in which you live and live. In addition to the furniture, the Wall design various Effects and Atmospheres that reflect personal taste.

There are no limits to the imagination and the freedom of design: bright colors and eye-catching patterns or subdued nuances and smooth surfaces, each of them Desired optics can be implemented - and very easily with our numerous variants paintable wallpaper. Even laypeople can apply them with perfect results in the shortest possible time and without much effort and after drying with a brush, sponge or roller, they can be easily individualized.

The highlight of the matter: if trends and tastes change, they can Wallpaper easily in the new favorite color painted over become.

Still undecided what the new walls should look like? Then let our ERFURT creative ideas inspire you!

  • Creative ideas - Why creative wall design is more than just a colored wall
  • Wall design - How to find the right product for your wall
  • Handicrafts with wallpaper - make beautiful accessories from wallpaper yourself
  • Inspiration - Get inspiration from our favorite walls

If wall design is more than a colored wall, if it is fun to try out unusual techniques and if creativity and manual work should play a role in the design of the wall, then this is exactly the right ideas. If you want to experiment a little, these step-by-step instructions are guaranteed to be successful.

Swab of gold

Are you looking for a cool idea to upgrade your wall? How about elegant gold elements on a wallpaper structure of your choice?

Step-by-step instructions

Pastel wall

With this ingenious technique and soft pastel colors, you can create an airy, light wall design suitable for spring.

Step-by-step instructions

Lettering - let your wall speak!

With cool words you can convey personal statements and give full expression to your individuality. Designing inspiring, funny and motivating sayings or even famous quotes yourself is very easy.

Here we show how it's done!

point by point

Are you looking for pep for your wall? From lots of small and large dots, an artistically designed wall is easily created, which is an eye-catcher behind every dining room table.

Step-by-step instructions

Wall design using masking technology!

With summer comes the desire for clear colors and cheerful structures. Time to give your four walls a new outfit.

That's how it's done!

Mountain panorama

Looking for an effective living idea? With the fleece woodchip from ERFURT, wallpapering is particularly easy and the design options are implemented in no time at all.

Step-by-step instructions


Still unsure about choosing the right wallpaper? The question arises, why wallpaper at all? Whether a smooth wall, a structure and if so, which one - there are numerous tips and assistance here.

Wallpaper vs. plaster

Plastered, smooth walls are trendy. However, if you want to bring more comfort to your home and also think ahead, a smooth fleece is the better alternative.

To the advantages

Why structure - and which one?

Our textured wallpapers have a noticeable, embossed surface. This gives the wallpaper a spatial effect that can be enhanced depending on the choice of color.

They find out herewhich structure produces which effect.

Bring your own photos and designs in XL on the wall and ceiling with photo mural

The emotional snapshot from your vacation? A very special evening sky? Whatever you dream of - if it has been captured digitally, you can bring the feeling permanently into your own four walls.

To the motives

ERFURT handicrafts with wallpaper

Freshly wallpapered and there is still wallpaper left over? Do you fancy very individual accessories that perfectly match your own style and environment? Then it's time for creativity and upcycling. Drawers get a whole new look if you line them with wallpaper. A small strip with wallpaper that fits right behind the shelf - a new unit has already been created. A mobile or a self-bound book - the possibilities are almost endless.

Structural motif

With three-dimensional wall pictures made of wallpaper you can easily conjure up an eye-catcher on the wall.

Step-by-step instructions

These poinsettias are real all-rounders!

Whether as a guest present, decoration, creative gift packaging or for the advent calendar - with these poinsettias you are well prepared for the Christmas season.

Step-by-step instructions

Make a wind light yourself out of wallpaper and glass

When mild autumn evenings allow you to sit on the balcony or terrace, lanterns have a particularly romantic effect. You can also create an individual note on the chest of drawers or the dining table with homemade lanterns.

Step-by-step instructions

Japanese binding notebook

Whether as an extraordinary notebook, as a diary or for your own poems: If you want something very special, you can simply bind your book yourself.

Step-by-step instructions

Design inspirations

Stripes, triangles, large areas of different colors - with the design of a feature wall or all of the walls in a room, you can achieve many different effects. Here are just a few of the many examples.