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The 8 best card games for kids

Card games are totally and deservedly an absolute classic among the games. Especially as Bad weather program, on a long one train ride or just like that on a cozy afternoon at home - with the right card game time flies by lap after lap. At best, young children can also do things like the first numbers or different Animalsto get to know. That too Learn and Adhere to of certain Rules of the game is not an easy thing, especially at the beginning, but usually leads quickly to the first Sense of achievement. Of course, kids and parents are like with classics U.N, Mau Mau or Halli Galli already well served. Nevertheless, the manufacturers are always thinking of new card games with names that sound like Mister Pups or Dodelido

When choosing the right one Card game parents should definitely be aware of this Age and the Skills respect your own child. If the game is still too heavy and the child with it Overwhelmed it loses the fun of it just as quickly as a underchallengedchild at a tosimplegame

In our Checklist let's summarize the most important things for you Card games for children together.

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Children's card game checklist

  • Age: The first Card games can in the course of the Kindergarten age get interesting. Specially simplified versions of Uno & Co are suitable here quite early on.
  • classic: The classics among the Children's card games are still enjoying unbroken popularity today. At Uno, Halli Galli or Mau-Mau, most players already know the rules and if not, they are quickly explained. These games are usually also available in different variants and Special editions. Especially U.N lets off steam here with a variety of game variants.
  • New games: Of course, the game manufacturers continue to develop diligently newCard games. The best known examples of this are candidates like Mister Pups, Dodelido or Yooloo Junior
  • Learning effects: Of course, the funin theforeground. But in the background they often convey valuable ones Learning effects. Many small children learn their first through Uno & Co numbers know or at least consolidate how to deal with them. The first experiences with Rules of the game are an additional, important learning effect.
  • Alternatives: For even more variety the next afternoon we have the most popular board games viewed. And for the next train ride you should Games on the go do not miss.

Recommended children's card games

What products do parents recommend?
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Mattel Games DPX25 - Mister Pups funny card game and children's game suitable for 2 - 6 players, ...
  • Hours of fun with lots of giggles for the whole family
  • The players take turns placing Mister-Pups cards with numbers and pressing the Mister-Pups device according to the number on the card, Pupst the device
  • Suspend and return cards add variety to the game
  • Whoever is the last one left after all others have been eliminated by a Pups of the Mister-Pups device wins the game
  • Including electronic Mister-Pups device and a set of Mister-Pups cards
Schmidt Spiele 40879 Dodelido, three magicians card game
  • Card game three magicians Dodelido
  • In this fast-paced card game you have to switch quickly! In your turn you place your top card face up on one of the three discard piles.
  • Playing time: 10 to 20 minutes
  • Number of players: 2 - 6
  • Recommended age: from 8 years
SKYJO, by Magilano - The entertaining card game for young and old. The ideal gift for fun ...
  • YOUR GOAL: Try to collect as few points as possible over several game rounds as quickly as possible by skillfully revealing, exchanging and collecting playing cards.
  • GREAT GAME FUN for your friends and family. SKYJO is an entertaining card game that is a lot of fun for children and also big game friends (adults). The...
  • LEARNING PLAYLY: Arithmetic - Learn to add up to 100 two-digit numbers. Estimate - get a feel for probabilities. Concentration - follow the course of the game and ...
  • FAST GAME START. Simple, easy to understand gameplay! Short instructions with pictures. Ideal for a short game in between and as a basic game for fun ...
  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS: For 2 to 8 players. AGE: From 8 years. GAME TIME: approx. 30 minutes. LANGUAGES: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian. MATERIAL: 150 playing cards, 1 ...
YOOLOO JUNIOR - The cool card game for children with cute animal motifs (2 to 8 people, 2 ...
  • PLAY IMMEDIATELY: YOOLOO does not need any game preparation or long explanations. The simple rules are easy to understand. The big plus: There is no disadvantage for ...
  • HIGH QUALITY DESIGN: The compact card game has a high quality finish with cute animal motifs that make girls and boys of all age groups happy. The cards...
  • CROSS-GENERATION GAME IDEA: Children from the age of 6 can play this game and develop an understanding of numbers and counting points. But it does grandma, papa ...
  • GAME VARIANTS & TIME: Tactics or coincidence? You choose between different game variants. The playing time can be set flexibly between 3 and 30 minutes. YOOLOO is a ...
  • IDEAL GIFT: The game is ideal for giving away on birthdays, for the advent calendar, for Santa Claus or for Christmas. You can also do it wonderfully on ...
Noris 606264441, Mau Mau, the world-famous card game with an original hand, for 2 to 6 players ...
  • Preparation: After shuffling, each player receives five cards, one card is placed face up next to the face down pile of the remaining cards
  • Procedure: In turn, the players must each place a card on the face up card, either a card of the same color or a number
  • Variation: If you don't have a matching color or number, you could put on a card to change the color or have to draw a new one from the stack
  • Aim of the game: The game is played until a player has been able to discard all cards and no longer has any hand out of his hand
  • Versatile games: The Noris brand creates fun games for the whole family; Skills are promoted in accordance with their age


Jumbo Games 3819 - Original Rummikub XXL - Parlor game - From 7 years
  • The original Rummikub XXL contains premium stones with extra large numbers.
  • Due to the extra-large number blocks, Rummikub XXL stands for greatly improved readability.
  • The game is suitable for 2 to players and for children from 7 years.
  • This number game is the most played around the world.
  • Contents: 104 game pieces, 2 game pieces with jokers, 4 storage boards, 1 storage box
Jumbo games JUM03817 Original Rummikub compact in a metal box Parlor game, ages 7+
  • The classic number game "Original Rummikub" now in a practical metal box.
  • Defeat your fellow players by coming up with a good strategy and cleverly laying down your stones.
  • Suitable for 4 players from the age of 7!
  • The aim of the game is to lay down all the pieces and get the highest number of points.
  • Contents: 104 tokens (from 1 to 13, twice each, in four colors), 4 display boards, 2 tokens with jokers, 1 storage box, rules of the game

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1Ravensburger - 20760 Elfer Out! Junior - parlor game 2 - 6 players, game from 6 years for ... Currently no reviewsEUR 9.99 EUR 8.36Get it here
2Mattel Games T1882 Skip-Bo Junior card game for children, suitable for 2 - 4 players, playing time ... Currently no reviewsEUR 13.99 EUR 8.34Get it here
3Schmidt Spiele 01403 - Ligretto Kids, card game Currently no reviewsEUR 10.79, EUR 8.59Get it here
4Ravensburger 26701 - Mau Mau Extreme, card game with buzzer, classic for 2-6 players, ... Currently no reviewsEUR 12.99 EUR 9.79Get it here
5noris 606264517 Pandemiepoker, The card game where well protected is half the game, from 8 years Currently no reviews8.89 EURGet it here
6Which comes first ?: Puzzle and placement games with 32 cards for children from 3 to 8 (puzzle and placement games ... Currently no reviews8.99 EURGet it here
7Asmodee Dobble, family game, reaction game, German Currently no reviewsEUR 12.99 EUR 9.99Get it here

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1Mattel Games T1882 Skip-Bo Junior card game for children, suitable for 2 - 4 players, playing time ... Currently no reviewsEUR 13.99 EUR 8.34Get it here
2Mattel Games GKF04 UNO Junior card game for children from 3 years Currently no reviews9.49 EUR 6.29 EURGet it here
3KOSMOS 740276 bastard - off into the mud! fun card / party game 1,900 ratingsEUR 7.99 EUR 5.29Get it here
4Ravensburger Elfer out card game, parlor game 2 - 6 players, game from 7 years for children ... Currently no reviewsEUR 9.99 EUR 6.69Get it here
5Mattel Games 52456 - UNO Junior card game for children, children's games suitable for 2 - 4 players from ... Currently no reviews9.49 EUR 6.40 EURGet it here
6Schmidt Spiele 51245 BMM Kniffel Kids, Bring me with games in the metal box, colorful Currently no reviewsEUR 6.99 EUR 4.79Get it here
7Ravensburger 26701 - Mau Mau Extreme, card game with buzzer, classic for 2-6 players, ... Currently no reviewsEUR 12.99 EUR 9.79Get it here
8Asmodee Dobble, family game, reaction game, German Currently no reviewsEUR 12.99 EUR 9.99Get it here
9Schmidt Spiele 01403 - Ligretto Kids, card game Currently no reviewsEUR 10.79, EUR 8.59Get it here
10Moses. 90321 Mau-Mau card game | Classic games | For children from 5 years Currently no reviews