Is technology irrelevant for museums

Strategic marketing planning for the museum

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Decisive for the development of a marketing strategy and the fulfillment of the organizational purpose are written strategic goals that are derived from the mission. As happened in the present case, the mission can be formulated as a model. Accordingly, it is the reference system for the formulation of goals. In addition to the coordination function between the overall goals of the organization and the motivation of employees, meaningful and achievable goals also have the function of control. The degree to which the organization has fulfilled its tasks can be measured by the degree of target achievement. In order to ensure operationalization, goals should, if possible, be specifiable according to goal dimensions, i. H. "SMART" (specifically (specific), measurable (measurable), reachable (attainable), realistic (realistic) and defined in time (timely)) or alternatively according to target content, target extent and target period.

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