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16 disgusting smells that we secretly love

Status: 04/29/2021 4:38 p.m.

Gasoline, slurry, nail polish and Co .: Somehow good or just disgusting? With these smells we are torn inside.

"Whoa, does this smell good" - "I beg your pardon ?! Totally disgusting!" Dialogues like this happen every day - at home, in the swimming pool, on the street, in the office.

In fact, there are many smells that are actually unpleasant, disgusting and often not healthy in the long run, but which many secretly desire anyway. A love-hate relationship in 16 acts:

1. The smell of fresh wall paint

Perhaps it is the feeling that your own four walls are shining again that makes this smell a very special experience. But maybe it is also the chemistry club that creates that disgusting, dreamlike feeling when we smell fresh paint on the wall. Either way - to enjoy it briefly while painting is okay - but then it's time to say goodbye and ventilate properly!

2. Nail polish and nail polish remover

Another smell that we associate with beauty and care - only that it's about toenails or fingernails instead of walls. Here too, however, the following applies: Extensive sniffing is prohibited!

3. The smell of gas stations

Nasty and somehow good at the same time: We bet you've all discussed the difficult relationship with the smell of gasoline with friends.

4. The smell of glass cleaner

And another liquid that we associate with cleanliness: some detest the acrid smell of glass cleaner, while others have a love-hate relationship with the cleaning agent.

5. New books and magazines

The intense smell when you open a magazine or book for the first time - simply incomparable.

6. Fresh printer ink

Or would you prefer the "scent" on paper when you have just printed something out and are holding the result in your hands?

7. Old cosmetics

Whether long-forgotten make-up, spongy sponges or eternally old lipsticks: Cosmetic products that have their best days behind them honestly smell really rancid, but can still trigger a cozy warmth. At least everyone who has played in a theater group and sniffed at the make-up buffet knows that.

8. Chlorine smell

Perhaps it is because of our positive childhood memories and the association with chips, snack bags and afternoons in the outdoor pool that we love the typical swimming pool smell so much. There is no other way to explain this phenomenon - because the truth is hard:

The typical swimming pool chlorine smell is caused by the mixture of chlorine and urine. The chemical chlorine, which is supposed to keep the water hygienic, actually smells like nothing - the typical smell only arises in connection with other substances. Pretty gross, isn't it? My pleasure!

9. Incense smell

Anyone who goes to church from time to time knows this love-hate relationship: For many, it smells really good at first, but if the smoky thing gets too much, the cycle can turn completely. A look in the candle department shows that the scent of incense has fans - the scented candles with an incense scent are everywhere!

10. Fresh tar

You walk past a construction site where a piece of road is being re-tarred - and you love the smell, although there is something heavy and biting in it? Welcome to the club!

11. Coins

Actually, the idea of ​​holding your nose to a coin is just as disgusting as the smell that awaits us when doing this - after all, thousands of people have probably already touched this coin. Still we do it. Why? Keyword love hate!

12. Onion fingers

Have you ever chopped onions and smelled your fingers a few hours later? Then you know what we mean!

13. New leather covers

Whether the new car or the new couch: the smell of new leather usually lingers for a long time. The same applies here: some hate this smell, others hate it!

14. Burnt milk

We suspect that this smell only has a bad image because we associate it with having failed. It goes so quickly: Don't look for a moment, don't stir for a moment - the milk boils over and burns. Tastes strange, but doesn't have to smell bad!

15. Freshly fertilized fields

Let's be honest: manure consists mainly of animal excrement, so it actually doesn't smell good. But look at it this way: Where there is agriculture, it is usually quiet and idyllic. That is why the smell of freshly fertilized fields is a sign of vacation or coming home for many.

16. Freshly lit matches

Where it stinks, you can light a match to cover up the smell - because the smell of sulfur dioxide, which escapes as a white cloud when lit, overlays other smells. You should only enjoy the scent of a freshly lit match if you really have to: The sulfur dioxide irritates the respiratory tract and mucous membranes.


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