Why are black people so beautiful

Skin and age - everything you want to know!

Does the skin age differently in different ethnic groups?

Yes. The darker the skin, the slower it ages. In black people, for example, signs of aging appear on average around ten years later than in people with light skin. In addition, the dermis of blacks is thicker - and very deep wrinkles are therefore rarer. The main reason for the youthful look of black skin is its higher melanin content. This is the name of the pigments that color our skin, hair and eyes. The melanin can block UV radiation. It ages our skin, but only if it gets through. The more melanin, the higher the body's natural sun protection factor.

Does facial exercise help against wrinkles?

That probably depends on the fold. Take the frown line between your eyebrows that reminds us that we've looked too grim a few times in life. We got crow's feet or laugh lines either because we kneel our eyes too often or grin often. Both smile lines and frown lines are what are known as dynamic wrinkles. Among other things, they are caused by too much muscle movement. If we were to use these muscles more during facial training, the wrinkles could become even deeper. That would be the complete opposite of what you want to achieve. However, facial exercise may help with static wrinkles. These are, for example, the furrows that dig in the semicircle between nose and mouth and can also be seen when the face is actually relaxed. These wrinkles could eventually be alleviated by exercising the muscles around them. However, there is no scientific evidence for this.