What is the acronym of AOYP

End Plastic Soup

An initiative of the Bergischer waste management association and the local Rotary clubs

Plastic is a blessing and a curse in our modern society. The right plastic can be found for almost all applications. Unsurprisingly, a rapid increase in the volume and waste of plastic is observed. As a result, the negative consequences of our plastic consumption are increasingly coming to the fore. The variety of plastics requires complex handling of the material flows in order to enable effective recycling with sorted waste fractions. Of course, plastic inputs into nature are particularly serious, both in the form of macroplastics, including the resulting secondary microplastics, and in the form of primary microplastics.

Avoid microplastics - but how?

Plastic accompanies us in all situations and is an indispensable part of many important products. It makes our everyday lives easier in many ways. If useful objects are disposed of incorrectly or too early, that is never good, and so it is with plastic. In the worst case, if it is not properly disposed of, it can cause considerable damage to the environment at the end of its useful life as microplastic.

A reason to bury your head in the sand? But on the contrary! It is the reason to act together.

Rotary Club Initiative - End Plastic Soup

The behavior of each individual is important, but that doesn't mean that you have to be a lone fighter. The End Plastic Soup initiative was launched in 2018 in District 1580 with Rotary clubs in Amsterdam.

From the already existing cooperation between the Bergischer Waste Management Association and the Rotary Clubs from District 1810, a community initiative is being launched at the regional level that offers a wide range of information and education:

On the one hand, school classes immerse themselves in the microcosm of plastic at the extracurricular learning location: metabolon and also have the opportunity to deepen what they have learned on their own, virtual fist. On the other hand, the enormous reach that the Rotary clubs bring with them is a big step forward for the efforts that have already started on: metabolon.

The goal of End Plastic Soup

By 2050 there will be no more plastic waste in the seas and oceans, any more than in our rivers, lakes, parks and on the streets. This ambitious goal can only be achieved if as many people as possible participate, which is why opportunities for active participation are shown.

The result is a campaign that is intended to anchor the topic sustainably and permanently throughout society and thus contribute to solving this challenge in the sense of a livable and common future and further advance the common goal.