You can dye red hair pink

Dyeing hair pink: it's that easy!

It's the perfect trend for summer: pastel hair in pink! Regardless of whether you combine them girlish or punky, they are THE eye-catcher, and we can use them to fight the boredom on our heads. You can find out here how you can dye your hair pink, even without bleaching it.

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Which starting hair color do I need?

In general, as in painting: all colors come into their own on a white background. For your hair this means that it should ideally be white blonde or at least light blonde so that the pink really comes into its own afterwards. Here are the starting hair colors with possible results at a glance:

  • White blonde / light blonde: Pastel pink, bright pink - everything is possible!
  • Warm blond / blond with a yellow tinge: You will probably not achieve the typical cotton candy pink here; a tone can come out that is reminiscent of the pink lemonade hair color.
  • Medium blonde: With pink you can make your hair rose gold or strawberry blonde.
  • Dark blonde / light brown: With a strong pink or pink you can get a beautiful rose brown, which also has its charm.
  • Medium brown / dark brown: Unfortunately, these hair colors are just too dark for a pink. Only bleaching helps here!
  • Red hair: With a strong pink you can give your hair a magenta tone.

If you do not have really light hair and still want to fully participate in the pastel trend, you will have to bleach your hair in advance or at least lighten it in an ombré look. This can be very stressful for your hair, so think carefully beforehand whether you want to take the risk.

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Tint or coloration: the durability

For a long time there were no products on the German market with which you could dye your hair permanently pink. There were just different ways of tinting the forelock pink. You can now choose between washable and permanent colors.

# Tint

A tint contains pigments that lie on the surface of the hair, i.e. do not penetrate deeply into the hair structure, like those of a permanent color. The durability is limited to on average 3 to 10 washes, about 1 to 4 weeks. The intensity of the color decreases more and more until finally all the pigments have disappeared again. If your hair is damaged, it may wash out even faster. Then you can tint your mane pink again or try another color, so the short shelf life has advantages and disadvantages.

# Coloration

This is a permanent coloring. However, due to the soft pigmentation, this usually only works on light blonde hair and is not visible on other hair colors. So far there are not many products with which you can dye your mane permanently pink, and the experiences with them are very mixed. Some women actually get a beautiful pink shimmer in their hair, with others the permanent color washes out quickly. As a result, most of them continue to use tints and simply freshen up their color when necessary.

Coloring hair pink: With these products

There are tons of products to choose from to get your hair pink. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions. Some tints are already mixed, others you have to mix with developer or you can dilute the color with a conditioner so that the result is pastel and not gaudy. I tint my hair pink every few months and always mix a pink Directions shade with a lot of conditioner. This works with all direct hair colors. If you don't dilute the color, it's better to get two packs depending on the length of your hair.



You can get all products either in the drugstore, at Amazon or in hairdressing supplies.

Instructions: dye your hair pink

  1. You can find out whether you should apply the pink tint to dry or damp hair from the respective package insert. If you have bleached your hair beforehand, you can tint the hair immediately afterwards.
  2. Divide your hair into several sections by making several partings and securing those sections with bobby pins.
  3. Put on gloves, place a towel over your shoulders, and mix the color with developer or conditioner if necessary.
  4. With a brush you can now apply the tint evenly part by part.
  5. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the exposure time and note: the longer you leave the tint on, the more intense the color will be in the end.
  6. Rinse your hair with plain water. You usually don't need to wash them afterwards.

In order to keep the beautiful pink as long as possible, you should take care of your hair after tinting it and use shampoo for colored hair. What if the color is washed out again? Then you might find inspiration for your next hair color experiment in our gallery:

Pink hair is noticeable, but still suitable for everyday use. You can determine the intensity of your hair yourself and rekindle it again and again. If you'd rather test the look on yourself first, you can use a spray whose color only lasts a hair wash. Have lots of fun with it!

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