What are the best investment management companies

They are the best asset managers

Scope examines more than 6,000 funds every quarter. Around a third of the funds assessed are currently given a top rating. However, these are not evenly distributed across all fund companies. This is why the Asset Manager Ranking is so important for the industry: It shows those fund providers with the highest top rating quota. The rating is divided into the category “large asset managers” with more than 25 assessed funds and “small asset managers” with fewer than 25 but more than eight assessed funds.

Big asset manager: the defending champion stays at the top

Compared to the first quarter of this year, MFS Investment Management defended first place among the large companies with a top rating rate of 62%. Fidelity follows in second place with 58%. It is noteworthy that Fidelity was still in seventh place in the first quarter with 53% top ratings. The fund company is making the biggest leap within the top ten. Legg Mason completes the management trio with a top rating rate of 58%. In the first quarter it was enough for Legg Mason to finish second.

In general: There were significant shifts compared to the second quarter of 2018. For the current leader, MFS, a year ago it was only tenth with a top rating rate of 47%. The American asset manager managed to significantly improve its top rating quota for both equity and bond funds within a year.

Union Investment is back in the top ten: 52% of the 115 funds assessed currently have a top Scope rating. That's enough for eighth place. A year ago Union Investment was still in 13th place. First State and Investec are new to the top ten. A year ago, both companies were listed in the category of small asset managers, as they had fewer than 25 funds in the evaluation.

For the three newcomers to the top ten of the big companies, three other fund providers had to vacate the field: A year ago, Kepler, Vontobel and Allianz Global Investors occupied places one, two and seven.

Small asset managers: Lupus Alpha still in the lead

The leader from the first quarter of this year has also defended its leadership among small companies. Lupus Alpha has a top rating rate of 88%, ahead of the two second-placed Degroof Petercam and Wellington Management (both with 80%).

Compared to the same quarter of the previous year, there are also some shifts in the small companies. Sparinvest and Dimensional have left the top ten. Two other companies have risen to become big asset managers: First State and Investec, see above.

Four new players have taken their place: Wells Fargo AM, Polar Capital Partners, Hermes Invest Management and SKAG. The most significant improvement can be observed at Wells Fargo AM, whose top rating rate improved from 44% to 78%. This is equivalent to jumping from rank 18 to four.

In addition to the top trio - Lupus Alpha, Degroof Petercam and Wellington Management - Comgest, Flossbach von Storch and T. Rowe Price were also able to maintain their place in the top ten.

All results of the top ten large and small companies can be downloaded in the full report.