How rich is Jay Z.

Jay-Z only in second place: This is the best paid rapper in 2019

150 million dollars - the equivalent of 136.7 million euros: That's how much sales the rapper, producer and fashion designer Kanye West made in 2019. His sneaker brand Yeezy is said to have made a significant contribution to Kanye's prosperity this year: According to the business magazine, this is expected Forbes had a turnover of 1.5 billion dollars (equivalent to around 1.3 billion euros). This puts West # 1 on Forbes' 2019 list of Highest Paid Rappers. (Also read: RAF Camora: "Forbes" Reveals How Much Money The Rapper Really Makes)

Forbes 2019: Kanye West overtakes Jay-Z

For West himself this is a success in several ways: For the first time, he is overtaking his former mentor and colleague Jay-Z. Shawn Corey Carter, so Jay-Z's real name, has to be satisfied with income of 81 million dollars (about 73.7 million euros) and thus second place in 2019. The rapper earned a considerable part of the profit with the "On The Run II" tour together with his wife Beyoncé Knowles-Carter. (Also Read: Kanye West Shows Off His Private Yeezy Closet.)

Rap mogul Diddy missed the top 3 and is "only" in fourth place with an income of 70 million dollars (approx. 63.7 million euros). Third place goes to Drake with revenues of $ 75 million.

Women not in the top 10

Overall, two rappers made it into the top 20: Nicki Minaj is 12th with an income of 29 million dollars (almost 25.5 million euros), closely followed by Cardi B (28 million dollars, approx.).

The top 20 highest earning rappers 2019

20.Pitbull ($ 18 million, equivalent to around 16.4 million euros)

19.Wiz Khalifa ($ 18.5 million, equivalent to around 16.8 million euros)

18.Nas ($ 19 million, equivalent to around 17.3 million euros)

17. Future ($ 19.5 million, equivalent to around 17.7 million euros)

16. Birdman ($ 20 million, equivalent to about 18.2 million euros)

15. Meek Mill ($ 21 million, equivalent to about 19.1 million euros)

14.Swizz Beatz ($ 23 million, equivalent to around 20.9 million euros)

13. Cardi B ($ 28 million, equivalent to about 25.5 million euros)

12.Nicki Minaj ($ 29 million, equivalent to about 26.4 million euros)

11. J. Cole ($ 31 million, equivalent to about 28.2 million euros)

10. Childish Gambino ($ 35 million, equivalent to about 31.8 million euros)

9. Migos ($ 36 million, equivalent to about 32.7 million euros)

8.Kendrick Lamar ($ 38.5 million, equivalent to about 35 million euros)

7. DJ Khaled ($ 40 million, equivalent to about 36.4 million euros)

6. Eminem ($ 50 million, equivalent to around 45.5 million euros)

5. Travis Scott ($ 58 million, equivalent to about 52.8 million euros)

4. Diddy ($ 70 million, equivalent to about 63.7 million euros)

3. Drake ($ 75 million, equivalent to about 68.3 million euros)

2. Jay-Z ($ 81 million, equivalent to about 73.7 million euros)

1. Kanye West ($ 150 million, equivalent to about 136.7 million euros)

Jay-Z remains the richest rapper

Consolation for Jay-Z: This list is only about the top earning rappers. In terms of wealth, it is clearly in first place according to a Forbes article from June: It is just over a billion dollars (the equivalent of around 910 million euros). Jay-Z beats the second-placed Dr. Dre ($ 800 million, equivalent to about 728.6 million euros) and Diddy ($ 740 million, equivalent to about 673.9 million euros).