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From a resort to a destination for lovers: Dalat then and now
The city of Dalat is well hidden in the highlands. So it is no wonder that the first western visitor did not find it until 1897. A good 15 years later, more and more Europeans settled in Dalat, then Dalat gradually became one of the most prosperous places in Vietnam. Dalat is different from many Vietnamese places. A unique piece and especially popular with locals as a destination for excursions. This is mainly due to one thing: an average temperature of 18 degrees. Thanks to the pleasant temperature, Dalat blossomed into a mountain health resort in the 1930s. Especially in the summer months, many preferred their summer villas and the cool mountain air to the big cities. Today the place also stands for romance and a little kitsch, Vietnamese couples love to spend their honeymoon here. The symbol of the city: of course an Eiffel Tower.

Worth seeing in Dalat

  • The old splendor of Dalat: the emperor's summer palace
  • Architecture with a difference - the Hang Nga Crazy House
  • Xuang Huong Lake and the flower gardens
  • Insight into Dalat's colonial times: the Cremaillere train station

You can get a good impression of the Dalat of the 1930s and 1940s if you pay a visit to the summer palace of Emperor Bao Dai. The two-storey, ocher-colored summer residence was built in 1933, some of the 25 rooms have been converted into a museum with original furniture and many historical evidence such as photographs. From Garden of the Bao Dai Palace has a wonderful panoramic view of the city, for that reason alone the way up the hill is worthwhile. One of the most bizarre buildings in all of Vietnam definitely the Crazy House of the architect and artist Hang Nga. Some remind the wild, artistic house of Disneyland, others describe it as a modern witch's house. You can easily get lost in the winding corridors, turrets and bay windows and even spend the night in equally freely designed rooms.

The Xuang Huong Lake was only created in 1919 by the damming of the Cam Ly River. There are many small, charming cafes on the shore and the possibility of taking a horse-drawn carriage around the lake. At the northern end of the lake is the Dalat flower garden. The botanical garden houses a large collection of orchids and fuchsias. You can picnic here in the afternoon. A visit to the old train station is only for railway fans, as well as a small exhibition with historical photos, you can also find old trains here. From here you can also take a short train ride into the surrounding area on the historic route.

Activities around Dalat

  • Out into nature: hiking, mountain biking and kayaking
  • Excursion to the waterfalls around Dalat
  • Love Valley

On the way to Dalat through the green, wild hills, you can see how breathtaking the highlands in the area around Dalat are. So it is worthwhile to use Dalat as a starting point for a hike, mountain biking and kayaking tour. The hiking trail on Lang Biang is an ideal destination for a short hike. On the mountain slope you not only have wonderful panoramic views of the highlands, but you can also combine the hike with a visit to the small villages on the slope. Here you can learn a lot about the culture, customs and traditions of the locals. We would be happy to advise you on tours or the various excursion destinations. The Datanla, Prenn, Cam Ly, Tiger Cave, Pongour and Elephant waterfalls in particular are easy to reach from Dalat and can be visited on a day trip.

It gets romantic in Love Valley. The valley of love is only a few kilometers outside Dalat and is probably the most picturesque sight in Dalat. Between the pine trees there are always beautiful figures dedicated to love, on the lake you can spend hours together with pedal boats or go on a horse ride through nature.

Insider tips

  • Ride through the mountains with the Easy Ridern, a local motorcycle club, and discover special places
  • Central market: here you can also get potatoes and strawberries, thanks to the mild climate of the region

Arrival and mobility

Dalat can be reached by plane from Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi several times a week. The new Lien Khuong Airport is around 30 km outside of the city, and transfers to downtown Dalat are relatively quick. Another way to get here are various bus connections, from Ho Chi Minh City, Mui Ne and Nha Trang buses run daily to Dalat. The drive is particularly worthwhile. You pass a wonderful landscape on the way to the mountain town. Arriving by car is also no problem. The roads to Dalat are well developed and passable without any problems. Once in Dalat, the best way to explore the city is on foot. Since it is relatively small, everything is close together. Bicycles and motorbikes can be rented on site for excursions in the surrounding area.


Dalat is a small town, but with a long history as a recreational area. There is a wide range of accommodation options. Some of the hotels have a long tradition, others are very modern. We recommend a centrally located hotel, from there you can easily reach all sights on foot. We would be happy to advise you on the exact choice and look for accommodation that is tailored to your needs.