What are some period hacks

Period hacks?

The cycle starts on the first day of your period and ends on the last day before your next period.

I can recommend you to deal with the cycle in general, so that you know exactly what is happening and what that entails.

A cycle between 23-35 days is normal and healthy. But it can always vary. So that one is for example 30 days long and the next suddenly 35. That is not bad and completely normal.

Since you have only had your period three times, it is also completely normal if your cycles are still very irregular and not yet within the range of 23-35 days. It can also happen that you just won't get your period for a few months and only then will you get it again. The body needs until the interplay of the cycle works properly and is still practicing.

But from now on you should go to the gynecologist regularly for check-ups (but don't get a pill or something on you).

I can hardly advise against the pill in general and especially during puberty / development. Generally hormonal contraception.

Since you are now getting your period, you are probably ovulating as well and are therefore already fertile. Therefore, you should also deal with contraception. Even if you haven't had sex yet.

Always change tampons and sanitary towels regularly.

With your period or a few days before it comes, breast tenderness, irritability, mood swings, pimples, headaches, abdominal pain, ... but this is not a must!

But everything should be kept in moderation. For example, if you have very severe abdominal pain, this is not normal! Even if it is always presented that way because many have it. It's a sign that something is wrong. Often it is e.g. a deficiency.

In general, I can highly recommend taking iron and magnesium. A deficiency can lead to severe cramps for example. Iron is lost through bleeding such as menstruation, which is why most women / girls are deficient and magnesium has an anticonvulsant effect. A deficiency can also be the cause of excessive cramps.

Mild abdominal pain is normal.