Are there crocodiles in Phuket

Beach vacation in danger? Crocodile alert on Phuket

A two to three meter long crocodile was spotted on Yanui Beach in southwest Phuket on Wednesday. The authorities therefore imposed a bathing ban and put up warning signs. The crocodile has been moving north since then.

On Thursday it was sighted in front of Nai Harn Beach, on Saturday hotel employees sighted it on Kata Noi Beach, reports the Thai newspaper "The Pukhet News". It was last seen on Karon Beach on Sunday.

A local had discovered the animal when he went fishing on Yanui Beach in southwest Phuket on Wednesday. Because the waves were very high, he decided to call off his ride. On his way back along the beach he saw the crocodile floating in the water not far from the coast.

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A team of specialists tries to capture the crocodile

The crocodile was then spotted several times by police officers and authorities both in front of Yanui Beach and in front of Nai-Harn Beach a little further north, reports the Thai newspaper "Bangkok Post". The deputy local chairman of Rawai in southern Phuket managed to shoot a video of the crocodile:

A team of specialists from the Ministry of Fisheries is trying to capture the crocodile and then release it to a place where no people live.

One of the attempts to capture the crocodile failed early Friday morning. The crocodile dived under the specialists' safety gears, reports the "Bangkok Post".