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Sick from coffee

The bad thing about coffee is that it not "only" causes stress and robs us of energy, but that it contributes to acidification and makes us sick.

In phase 1 of the relationship between caffeine and adrenal glands, stress hormones are released in excessive numbers. This affects the immune system and increases the risk of developing a variety of health conditions - particularly cardiovascular disorders. Caffeine also lowers the production of DHEA, a hormone that is crucial for the optimal function of your immune, cardiovascular and nervous systems as well as the reproductive system. [...]

Recent research reveals that cortisol and DHEA - both produced in the adrenal cortex - have an inversely proportional relationship. When cortisol levels rise, DHEA levels fall. It could therefore be that stress and caffeine cause such a high need for cortisol that the exhausted adrenal glands can simply no longer maintain DHEA production at an optimal level. [...]

Caffeine is clearly deprived, but completely freely available and its occurrence in our food and drinks is often almost "invisible"! Almost every day I speak to patients whose symptoms are exacerbated by caffeine consumption. This drug does its part in racing heartbeats, panic attacks, hypoglycemia, gastritis, fatigue, insomnia, and PMS, just to address a few health issues. Some people are so sensitive to caffeine that they fail to realize that even a fruit drink with hidden caffeine can trigger their symptoms. [...]

Habitual caffeine use inevitably leads to phase 2, which can also be referred to as adrenal insufficiency or adrenal exhaustion. This condition not only shows slight similarities with the post-traumatic stress syndrome that can be observed in soldiers returning home from the war. In fact, the adrenal glands are practically emaciated from the constant use and stimulation.

Caffeine blues by Stephen Cherniske MS, pages 10, 68, 206 and 208

... caffeine overstimulates the nerves and glands. It empties the adrenal system, damages the thyroid, and can cause irregular heartbeat. Caffeine also plays a role in both male and female menopause: women are more likely to have breast cysts and nodules, while men suffer from caffeine-induced prostate problems.

Food swings by Barnet Meltzer MD, page 56

Caffeine is known to raise cholesterol levels, deplete the B vitamin supplies, attack the stomach and bladder, damage the adrenal glands and likely cause breast and prostate problems as well.

Off The Shelf Natural Health How To Use Herbs And Nutrients To Stay Well by Mark Mayell, page 112

Coffee in particular irritates the stomach and is possibly partly responsible for the formation of cysts in the female breast.

Manifesto For A New Medicine by James S Gordon MD, page 155

Caffeine strips the body of the B vitamins you need for brain and nervous system functioning, as well as converting food into energy, says Michael Murray, N.D., a Seattle naturopathic doctor and author of the book Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Gettin Well Naturally. Also, to make matters worse, caffeine prevents iron absorption, says Dr. Murray, which can lead to anemia; a condition that causes you to have too few of the red blood cells responsible for transporting oxygen, which in turn is a major cause of exhaustion.

The Complete Book Of Alternative Nutrition by Selene Y Craig, page 389

Constipation from coffee

Even if coffee initially stimulates digestion shortly after consumption and is more likely to lead to diarrhea in many people, in the long term it causes constipation.

Dr. Hibbs tells of a male patient who suffers from many effects of excessive stress, including fatigue and constipation. The patient was extremely dependent on the coffee to be able to get through the day physically and as a result had developed a chronic adrenal disorder. Dr. Hibbs got him off the caffeine and sugar - both stimulants previously ruined his organism. Appropriate exercise and dietary changes followed, and treatment was supported by dietary supplements containing medicinal herbs and nutrients. His intestinal problems were cured relatively quickly and did not return a few months later, even after he stopped taking the drugs.

Alternative Medicine by Burton Goldberg, page 688

Impotence from coffee?

But the consequences of coffee consumption go even further:

Exhaustion, the delivery of a child, injury or damage to the kidneys and adrenal glands, as well as the abuse of steroids and excessive consumption of stimulants - including caffeine - to impaired adrenal function all pose a threat to sexual performance in men and women. Muscles can be weakened and blood circulation and nerve sensitivity impaired. All of these are important factors in sexual performance. Some sex researchers view the vagina as a muscle.

Asian Health Secrets by Letha Hadady DAc, page 423


If you read all these quotes and deal with the topic of coffee, you shouldn't feel like drinking coffee anymore. If you are one of those coffee drinkers, think twice about whether you want to exhaust your body in order to get a short-term energy boost, or whether you want to declare war on the vicious circle of caffeine addiction and give your body more energy and well-being with sustainable measures want to help. It is up to you.


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