What exactly is memory foam made of?

What is the memory effect?

Memory effect

The Memory effect (or memory effect) refers to Visco foam and bedding made therefrom such as visco mattresses or visco toppers, which for this reason are also incorrectly referred to as memory foam mattress pads or memory foam pads. In contrast to toppers, however, mattress toppers are made of unpadded material.

The material in memory foam mattresses or visco toppers has viscoelastic or thermoelastic properties and is also called shape memory polymer or memory foam. It adapts to the contours of the body like no other material, as it is made of visco foam Body heat and pressure reacts - this is called the memory effect. So it is possible to free the body and pressure orthopedically correct to store. Circulatory disorders, for example in the shoulder area, can be avoided, which is particularly recommended for people who sleep on their side.

Advantages and disadvantages of the memory effect

The advantage The memory effect is very clear: the visco foam adapts perfectly to the body due to the body heat and the memory effect ensures a complete relaxation. No other material can adapt so individually to the sleeper. A person's body can change over the years; a visco mattress has one thanks to its high density long life span and adapts to the contours of the body anew every night. It can therefore be used without any problems over a very long period of time.

In addition, the memory effect offers complete Pressure absorptionthat can relieve the spine of any tension that has built up over the day. Compared to other materials, those with a memory effect create one larger contact surfacewhat is the cause of a warmer sleeping climate.

The disadvantage The memory effect mainly consists in the fact that the visco foam needs a certain time to react to temperature, as these mattresses are completely subject to room temperature. This means that lying comfort only occurs a few minutes after lying down. The same thing happens when changing the lying position at night. The result is that a visco mattress with a memory effect for Active sleepertherefore only suitable to a limited extent is because it cannot react directly to small changes.

However there is current models, in the core of which different materials have been combined. This technique makes the so-called Plaster effect, which denotes a clearly sluggish adaptation of the visco foam at cold temperatures, prevents. Gel mattresses, which come closest to the lying properties of the visco mattress with memory effect, are even complete temperature independent. Research in recent years has also allowed memory foam to develop further.

The advantages at a glance

  • Individual adaptation to the body
  • Pressure reliever effect
  • Durable and less prone to sunbathing
  • Enjoyable warm Sleeping environment

Visco mattresses with memory effect: which slatted frame?

Almost all slatted frames are suitable in combination with a memory effect core. Even adjustable slatted frames, whether manual or electric, can be used with these sleeping pads. A motor frame that runs on electricity is particularly practical and comfortable. Since the visco mattress returns to its starting position quickly and easily thanks to the memory effect and even long adjustments do not show any negative effects, it is adjustable base frame definitely not damaged.

Pillow memory effect

There is also a memory effect with pillows. Here the pillow adapts to the contours of the head. This is an advantage, especially with neck support pillows, they should Neck area provide optimal support and prevent pain. The memory foam pillow is ideal for people with tension in the neck area, as the special visco foam pillow adapts perfectly to the contours of the head and neck.

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