What if I still miss him

I've still missed him every day for 3 years

Hello my dears,

It's been three years since the breakup and I still miss my ex-boyfriend every day.
We went to school together, and when I was 16 I had a crush on him. When we both finished school, we agreed to meet up at some point, and we soon became a couple. We were together for almost three years and lived almost 500km away from each other.
Despite some arguments, we felt very deeply for one another. And he was the first man I could say "I love you".
At some point the stress in his studies and in his family became so stressful that it affected our relationship more and more. He restricted and controlled me more and more until I told him that it couldn't go on like this. From that day it turned into utter emotional coldness until the day I asked him on the phone if he still felt love for me. He then informed me that he could no longer feel love for anyone, not even his family, and broke up with me on the phone.
A world collapsed for me.
We were still in contact, he wrote me that he still loved me but couldn't anymore. I told him that I couldn't start a relationship again like this and that I would like him to do therapy that I would be happy to support him with.
We were still in contact for a few months, he continued to write to me that he missed me until the time he met someone and broke off contact.
We wished each other all the best on our birthdays, and I kept contact to the minimum. He wrote me things every now and then that made me think he missed me too. About 2.5 years after the separation he wrote me that I often appeared in his dreams and that he always woke up crying.
I have never felt anything like it for a man before. I think about him every day, no matter if I feel good or bad, no matter what I do. To this day he is the only man I can imagine having children and growing old with.
After the separation I allowed all emotions, got up again to live my life and take it in my hand, took the time I needed to process everything and tried to get involved in a new love. And yet I have had to think of him every day for 3 years and I still miss him today, which really takes me away. I don't know what to do, my heart clings to him.

Maybe you have one or the other piece of advice, I look forward to every answer

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