Cancun is an overrated tourist destination

15 Vacation Flops: The Most Disappointing Travel Destinations

Most of the time, it happens when you are most concerned about it pleased to have. For weeks you have informed yourself about your vacation and compiled the most beautiful sights. Because of the numerous pictures, you already have one exact idea of your stay in your head. And suddenly it comes bad surprise

When you arrive at the respective location, however, it looks very different! The places are crowded, dirty or even not that spectacular as everyone says. Often they are too high admission prices the reason for the bad mood. Don't worry, we will try everything so that your vacation does not turn out to be a big disappointment! Read the 15 travel flops worldwide under the following points.

It is better to concentrate on other places when planning your vacation!

1. Leaning Tower of Pisa

Who doesn't know him? The Leaning Tower of Pisa. It is the symbol of the city in Tuscany. However, only a few know the actual name of the detached bell tower. The is far beyond the borders of Italy Campanile due to its inclination known. But did you know that the Leaning Tower was closed to the public between 1990 and 2001? During the 13-year renovation, the tower was raised a few centimeters.

However, this is not an obstacle for tourists. Although the city itself doesn't have much to offer, people from all over the world travel to the Leaning Tower. Each of them want a photo that looks like they are Support the tower with your hands. You can imagine how crowded the site is ... The photos look accordingly: The Crowds are almost more conspicuous than the actual landmark. Also, it is great for outsiders strangeto watch all the people with their fancy poses.

2. Giza pyramids

The pyramids of Giza are among the oldest structures of the world. You are that at the same time last preserved wonders of the ancient world and one of the most famous landmarks in Egypt. Because of its proximity to the capital, Cairo, that is UNESCO world heritage also quickly accessible. Once there, however, most of them are very disappointed.

The imposing wonder of the world is coming through very pushy souvenir sellers and camel drivers in the shadows. Using various tricks, they try to persuade tourists to take a photo or make a donation. If you contradict them, they will Dealers get aggressive quickly. In addition to the locals, of course, many tourists also travel to Giza. Hence the place very crowded.

3. Cancun

The Mexican city of Cancun, which was only founded in 1970, actually offers the ideal conditions for an unforgettable beach holiday. To the over 20 kilometers of white sand beach there are hotels of all sizes and categories. The environment is going through turquoise water and different Leisure and shopping opportunities added.

Unfortunately, the reality is very different. Only a fraction of the dreamy Caribbean beach is freely accessible to the public. Most of the beach sections belong to the hotel complexes, so the Use reserved exclusively for guests is. When planning your trip, be sure to pay attention to the travel time! If you are looking for a relaxing beach vacation, you definitely shouldn't arrive in March. During the semester break, the Mexican city of Cancún is transformed into a party stronghold for American students. 

4. Eiffel Tower, Paris

The Eiffel Tower is the symbol of the French capital Paris. With over 300 meters characterizes the Iron lattice tower the cityscape as the tallest building. The Eiffel Tower, which opened as part of the World Exhibition in 1889, is now counting around seven million visitors annually. If you have not purchased an online ticket in advance, the Waiting time at the entrances was very long be. Please note that when purchasing the tickets everyone on site have to be! So it is not enough if one person stands in line while the others stroll through a café.

It is faster if you walk to the first floor. At the same time, you also save a considerable part of the high admission price! However, the upper viewing platform at a height of 276 meters can only be accessed via an elevator. Once at the top you have to meet numerous other visitors relatively small area share.

5. Venice

The Italian city of Venice is one of the best examples of this devastating consequences tourism can have for a region. The nicer the weather, the more tourists are swarming in Venice. In addition to overnight guests, there are day tourists from the surrounding cities and cruise passengers. The famous places are always overrun. During the supposedly romantic gondola ride, by the way very expensive you meet numerous other couples in the narrowest space. A relaxing vacation looks different in our opinion!

Planned entrance fees are intended to curb the number of visitors in the future and at the same time benefit the cleaning and maintenance of the city. Especially in summer, visitors complain about one unpleasant stench in Venice. The canals, as the most important transport link, silt up due to the high volume of traffic. The consequence is that Decay of the building structure and the Endangerment of the lagoon city!

6. Walk Of Fame, Los Angeles

Do you want to be very close to your heroes for once? Then you better not travel to Los Angeles with too high expectations. The "City of Angels" has a special attraction for many people. You associate the Californian city with the stars from Baywatch and Hollywood. Downtown Los Angeles, however, is nowhere near as beautifully designed like other American metropolises.

One of the biggest disappointments is the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard. According to the media, this is a spectacular place to honor the stars. In reality it is a very dirty and gloomy area. The stars lead many vacant buildings past. We ask ourselves what is so important when thousands of visitors walk around on the supposed heroes every day? Most of the listed personalities are also available to visitors mostly unknown.

7. Mona Lisa, Louvre

Hardly any other city is as full of dreams and feelings of love as Paris. But upon arrival, the internalized ideas meet the deviating reality. The French capital offers a great sightseeing program. Still, these are each with very, very long waiting times connected. Online tickets can also be purchased when entering the third largest museum in the world at. The Louvre is also that most visited museum worldwide.

In addition to those interested in art, other tourists come here as well. Your goal: that world famous oil painting Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. After traversing the endless corridors you will reach ... that Crowds in front of the painting. At the latest when you have made your way forward, most of them are very good disappointed. With just once 77 x 53 centimeters the work of art is very small. It is also in a Glass case.

8. Manneken Pis, Brussels

The next attraction is even smaller than the Mona Lisa in the Louvre in Paris. Manneken Pis is actually one of the biggest tourist attraction in Brussels. In terms of size, however, it looks very different. The urinating fountain figure in the Belgian capital is just 61 centimeters "tall".

But why are so many tourists drawn to the bronze statue? The figure stands for special values, such as freedom of expression or resistance. Many regular visitors to the Belgian capital even come more often to the landmark. A specially hired tailor designs at regular intervals new costumes for the little man. The Collection of over 900 outfits you can use the museum look at the corner of rue de l’Étuve and rue du Chêne!

9. Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro

What would Rio de Janeiro be without its famous Copacabana district? The four kilometers long stretch of beach is the most famous sight. Both the district and the associated beach are heavily influenced by international tourism. Therefore you will find everything your heart desires on the sandy beach: bars, restaurants, opportunities for water sports ... but hardly any space to worship the sun.

In summer, not only tourists but also many locals travel to the beach here. Through the Crowds is the beach of Copacabana very crowded. You cannot expect rest and relaxation here. Instead, the downsides come to the fore, which is why many travelers are disappointed. Adjust yourself and yours too Valuables on! This applies to both in the water and on the beach. The sea is very dirty and is full of germs and viruses….

10. The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen

The Little Mermaid is one of the smallest landmark in the world - and yet it is 125 centimeters great work of art one of the most famous. There is even one fairy tale of the same name about the bronze figure of Copenhagen. Children and adults who have read Hans Christian Andersen's book want a picture with the Little Mermaid. Accordingly, the Urge to visit always in the Danish capital very large.

But as you know, the more famous you are, the more famous you are, the more jealous you are. The same goes for the little mermaid. In the past 100 years she didn't just get chic accessories. your were missing suddenly overnight Body Parts or she was with sprayed different colors. Secretly, many don't understand the hype surrounding the little mermaid. she is tiny and the Waiting usually takes a long time

11. Waikiki Beach, Honolulu

What do you think of when you think of Hawaii? The aloha spirit, the hospitality, good nature and joie de vivre? The idea about the isolated islands are deeply rooted in our minds. The bigger it is disappointmentwhen you arrive at Waikiki Beach. It's the most famous stretch of beach in Honululu, the state's capital. Honolulu has little to do with our imaginations. The residents are very friendly, but they are Quiet hours under palm trees are rather in short supply here.

The beach section of Waikiki is an attractive tourist destination due to its location. But the beach is only very smallwhy the bathers close together must lie. Some palm trees offer something shadow, however, the majority is from the Skyscrapers donated. In the district there are mainly hotels, restaurants and entertainment facilities for tourists ...

12. Great Wall of China

According to the latest findings, the Great Wall of China 21,196.18 kilometers long! In terms of volume and mass, it is the largest structure in the world. The Great Wall of China consists of several sections that are partially connected to each other. The paths lead over steep mountains and a unique backdrop. The most famous section of the wall is near Badaling, near Beijing.

This is one very heavily restored part. The section is very well developed for tourismso it's here very full can be! The further you move away from the tourist centers, the quieter it becomes. Simultaneously however, the condition also worsens the Great Wall of China. In many places it seems like it would the wall at one with nature become.

13. Pena Palace, Portugal

The Palácio Nacional da Pena is only about 30 kilometers from the Portuguese capital, Lisbon. We'll tell you whether a day trip to the National Palace is worthwhile! You can already see it from a distance colorful castle over the city Sintra. It is hard to believe that the building is also nicknamed "Palace of Sorrows" Has. At the latest when you are at the entrance, remember ...

Entrance to the palace costs approximately per person ten euros! Despite the high price, the Palácio Nacional da Pena is one Tourist magnet. Accordingly, it can be used in weddings very crowded become. This is how it works in Snail's pace through the premises. If you're in the area, you'd better do that Quinta da Regaleira visit. You can still use the colorful castle see and take photos from a distance.

14. Taj Mahal, India

A visit to the Taj Mahal is part of every trip to India - at least that's what they say ... But what does that mean for you? First of all, you should carefully think through your visit in advance. Worry about it, too what time You want to visit the Taj Mahal and allow enough time. Notice that you are the last few meters on foot have to cover. To protect the marble, which has already been colored yellow, may No air-polluting vehicles within a two-kilometer radius happen.

Of course, numerous people still want that to happen new seven wonders of the world see counting structures. Accordingly, the security measures at the Taj Mahal have been strengthened. Therefore it comes to in front of the entrances long waiting times. Note that the entrance fee is higher for foreigners than for Indians. When visiting you must have your take off shoesto protect the marble. Either bring yours own socks with or you will receive Shoe covers. Unfortunately, these are randomly lying around in the area afterwards ...

15. Temple Bar, Dublin

Ireland has beautiful sides to offer. The start or end point of a round trip through the breathtaking landscape is usually the capital Dublin. Of course you do Irish culture Experience it up close and see as much of the time as possible. Do not make the mistake and book your hotel in the "Temple Bar" district.

Despite the central location, an overnight stay in the district is only suitable if you have your own Have planned a bachelorette party and want to party the night away. The cobblestone streets with the brick houses and bars are a Tourist magnet. So be prepared for that here Lots of people on the go at all times are. Furthermore, the prices in the hotels and bars are very high overpriced.