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These 5 mistakes men should avoid when wearing skinny jeans

Whatever they say, the skinny jeans are going nowhere. They're comfortable, look great in all sorts of looks, and both men and women love them. But just because they're here to stay doesn't mean you can take the first ones you find in the store and wear them without thinking a bit about how they look. (Read here which 5 pants every man should own)

The skinny jeans: here to stay

The problem with skinny jeans is that they can look very, very bad if you don't wear the right cut and color. They can highlight certain aspects that you don't like, make your legs look too thin, or cause health problems (it's scientifically proven that clothes that are too tight can affect your fertility or even damage your testicles).

Whether man or woman, choosing the perfect skinny jeans is the first step to looking great. The trend came in the 1950s when rock n roll and movie idols like Elvis and James Dean started wearing tighter pants. The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan made them more popular in the 1960s, and although the trend in the 1990s was to go baggy, they never went away and kept coming back. (All information about skinny jeans can be found here)

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After all, it was around 2005 that the world accepted skinny jeans again and many men's brands joined the trend, even creating versions with a little spandex for comfort. (Comfortable pants and jeans for the home office)

It's an accepted trend among men today, but if you're not careful you can end up with Peter Pan's legs (with his famous green tights). Or a cut that creates the illusion that you are wearing a diaper under your clothes. You should definitely avoid both.

What mistakes should be avoided with skinny jeans?

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Buy the wrong size

If some of the other types of jeans can look good when worn a bit taller or a bit tighter, then skinny jeans need to be the exact cut and fit. Otherwise, they can crush your bum, make you look disproportionate, or injure your skin. Jeans shouldn't be too tight at the waist and you should be able to sit comfortably without opening the buttons. (Caps: no man should make these mistakes when wearing them)

Don't ignore your physique

There are different cuts of pants that look better with each body type. Wearing the wrong ones makes you look oddly shaped, look fat, or look too thin, or just look tight (which is not the same as thin). More on this in the large GQ Jeans Guide

Bet on the wrong color

Color is also a very important point when choosing jeans, because there are colors that are a little more elegant than others. So you have to choose the right one for every occasion. Dark tones are usually more formal, while light tones are reserved for casual events. (How to combine white pants perfectly)

Combine the wrong shoes

Do you want to end up with clown feet? If the answer is no then you should stay away from shoes that will make your feet longer. Skinny jeans don't cover your shoes, so you should wear a good pair (whether it's tennis shoes, boots, or loafers). You can find more information on this in our GQ shoe guide

Shop in the women's department

No, not all jeans are created equal, women can shop for a boyfriend look in the men's department. And you can do it if you like a sweater, jacket, or other piece. But when it comes to skinny jeans, it's best to stick with the men's department because the cut matches the curves of the body and you definitely don't have curves in the same places as women.

The original article “Los errores que debes evitar al usar skinny jeans” by Paloma González was published on GQ Mexico.