How do I create an incomprehensible password

Optimal password protection: How to choose a secure password

You can also use the following strategy to find a secure and variable password for all accesses: You vary an almost "unbreakable" basic password / master password by using a specific extension for each of the different web portals. You can proceed according to any scheme. One possibility is, for example, to combine the master password with the name of the service used, for example PayPal or Ebay.

Example of a password strategy

Of course, the strategy suggested above does not use “master password + Ebay” as the password. Instead, you pick the vowels or always the second or third letter of the provider name and place them in certain places of the master password, for example always in the second, third and last position.

An example: The master password is G5w. & $; (9b.B and you want to create a password for Ebay. You choose the first and third letters from the service, i.e. in the case of E.bay the e and the a, places the letters in the last and third from last position of the master password and adds the length of the name to the beginning of the password. This is how the password is created 4G5w. & $; (9bE.Ba. If you go by the same principle for service PayPal before, is the password 6G5w. & $; (9bP.By.

Master password only for trustworthy sites

Even with a sophisticated system, there is still a residual risk. It is never out of the question that someone can recognize the pattern and infer from one account to the next. It is therefore important that combinations with the master password are only used on 100% trustworthy sites. For less important and perhaps less secure pages, it is advisable to use a different password. For forums and communities that are considered less secure, the option of so-called disposable passwords remains, which is actually only used once and in no other variation.