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Vegan chocolate - seduction without animal products

Vegan chocolate has long been available in many forms and variants. Image: pexels.com

Many people still think of "vegan chocolate" as bitter, hard chocolate bars. Of chocolate that you give a vegan when you can't think of anything better.

Fortunately, those days are long gone!

Ever since large confectionery manufacturers such as Lindt, Ritter Sport and Katjes explicitly included vegan chocolate in their range (and advertised it), vegan chocolate has arrived in all major markets.

There are now even vegan chocolates that win international prizes!

Sure, most traditional chocolates still contain dairy products (and sometimes other animal products as well). But if you want to live vegan and LOVE chocolate, you don't have to go without anything today!

These chocolates are vegan ("The Amber Room") Image: K / Vegpool
Incidentally, vegan chocolate is usually called "couverture". This has food law backgrounds. Couverture contains z. B. more cocoa than classic chocolate. See the difference between chocolate and couverture. We use the term "chocolate" colloquially here.

Difference between vegan and conventional chocolate

What is the difference between vegan chocolate and classic, conventional chocolate? When is chocolate vegan?

The main difference between vegan chocolate and conventional chocolate is that no animal products are used in the vegan variant.

Vegan chocolate is therefore dairy-free and does not contain any concentrated butter or shellac (a product made from the excretions of lice).

Depending on the type of chocolate, other animal products can also be used, but milk products (milk powder and co) are certainly the most commonly used.

Vegan chocolate comes in many different variations and flavors. Image: pixabay.com

Does vegan chocolate taste good?

But how can animal products be replaced with vegan products? How do the chocolate manufacturers manage to make vegan chocolate so delicious?

In general, chocolate works very well without milk. More precisely: Without animal products, chocolate sometimes tastes particularly aromatic and intense due to the higher cocoa content.

Conching is of course also carried out in the production of good vegan chocolate. The cocoa is heated and stirred for several days. This makes the vegan chocolate nice and creamy and develops the desired aroma.

What types of vegan chocolate are there?

Organic brands like iChoc (Vivani) and Rapunzel are among the pioneers in the development of vegan chocolates! Large manufacturers such as Lindt, Ritter Sport and Katjes have long since jumped on the trend.

And so it is not surprising that the most popular classics have long been available in a vegan version.

Vegan hazelnut chocolate? No problem. Vegan light chocolate? Of course! Incredibly tender, melting nougat with a chocolate coating and without animal products? Certainly!

There have long been vegan alternatives to milk chocolate. The manufacturers rely on (dried) plant drinks here.

Vegan chocolate is also available in a light version. Image: K / Vegpool

There are also more unusual varieties such as salted caramel, chocolate with biscuit pieces and even some with pretzels (chocri).

You can even find vegan chocolate in supermarkets and discounters. (Even if you have to say that cheap private label chocolate is mostly one thing above all: sweet. A look at the chocolate shelf in the organic market is therefore worthwhile!)

Is dark chocolate vegan?

Twenty years ago, dark chocolate was practically the only type of chocolate on the market that did not contain animal products. And so long-time vegans will think back with horror to those times that drove away any desire for dark chocolate.

Before you give dark chocolate to a vegan, it is better to ask beforehand whether he even likes it.

Nevertheless: Even if most dark chocolates are vegan, this does not generally apply. We saw dark chocolate with animal products too! So take a look at the list of ingredients before buying.

The fact that chocolate looks dark does not mean that it is therefore necessarily vegan. And: there have long been light chocolates too.

Where can you buy vegan chocolate?

You can find vegan chocolate almost everywhere you can buy groceries.

In our opinion, you can find the most beautiful, delicious range in organic markets, because organic manufacturers are real pioneers when it comes to vegan chocolate.

But even in supermarkets like Rewe and Edeka you can find all kinds of vegan chocolate.

Your favorite among the milk alternatives?

DM and Rossmann also have vegan chocolates in their range.

Vegan chocolate is also available in the discounter. However, we would advise against buying the own brands. Cheap chocolate almost never tastes good. The situation is different in some cases with branded chocolate (e.g. from Veganz), which is available in some discounters.

Vegan chocolate is often made from organic ingredients and is therefore of much higher quality than the conventional "competition". Note that when comparing prices.

Is vegan chocolate more expensive?

To this day, vegan chocolate is often a little more expensive than conventional types. The "vegan hype" is used by many manufacturers to present their vegan varieties as particularly exclusive and innovative - and to charge a premium for it.

But you can also find very good vegan organic chocolate at a price of well under 2 euros. And since vegan chocolate is a pure luxury product, we can treat ourselves to taste and quality with a clear conscience, even if it costs a few cents more.

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But if the price does not matter, you will also find hand-scooped and really exquisite chocolate bars with coconut blossom sugar, spices and all the other finesse of the vegan chocolatiers.

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