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Which dog fits me best? Take the test

Regardless of whether you already know which dog breeds are suitable for you or whether you would like to know which dog is right for you: We will help you make the right decision. Now answer the questions in our quiz and find out which dogs are best for you:

Golden Retriever, Cocker Spaniel or Chihuahua: If you are already sure which dog breed you prefer, you will find helpful information in our dog breeds directory.

Find the breed of dog that suits you best

At PURINA, we believe that dogs are man’s best friends. But we are also aware that the relationship between humans and dogs can be difficult when both have different needs and preferences. For this reason, we developed this test to help you find the right dog.

Your lifestyle must match your dog's needs and vice versa

All dogs develop their very own and unique personality in the course of their lives, just like us humans, but there are also some innate instincts and behaviors that cannot be easily changed. If a puppy is of a breed of dog that naturally "speaks a lot", he can learn to be quieter, but expect the amount of time and patience that should be invested in training him to keep quiet his not his temperament. Our test "Which dog suits me?" helps you to find the right dog for you according to your way of life and the nature of the dog. Of course, if you and your dog enjoy the same things, the chances are higher that you will enjoy the time together more and be happier.

What to expect in our quiz: fewer questions, more accuracy

At PURINA, we have worked with pet experts on behavior, nutrition and health to develop questions that will help you find the dog that best suits your needs.

Crossbreeds and mixed breeds

Choosing a dog that is a crossbreed of two purebred dogs can be a good choice. However, it is of course difficult to foresee clearly in advance which external characteristics and traits of the different dog breeds will prevail more in each case. Mixed breeds or "promenade mixes" have a very mixed gene pool and mostly come from non-purebred dogs. This often makes them more resilient and less prone to disease. Animal shelters and animal placement agencies are good contact points to find dogs that are looking for a new, loving home. The staff will help you find the right dog for your heart and needs.

The test results: More choice and flexibility

We are aware that the relationship between dog and owner varies from family to family. For this reason, with our test result, we give a recommendation as to which dog suits you and your preferences best. In addition, you can see in the test results which dog breeds are not so suitable for you. We hope that we can help you make a decision, or at least steer you in the right direction.