Why can't I stop eating fries?

This is what happens when you eat fries too often

Can french fries be a sin? Anyone who eats fried food regularly risks their health, which everyone should be aware of. A study from the USA has now confirmed it again: People who regularly eat fried potatoes increase their risk of death.

So am I going to die soon? Ok, uncool! Unfortunately, I have been completely brainwashed since my childhood, which was free of Mäcces, and I actually always fetch french fries when I pass a branch with the golden M on it. I just can't help it. Does that mean certain death for me?

For the study, which was recently published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, scientists looked at the potato consumption of 4,400 Americans between the ages of 45 and 79 over a period of eight years. The participants were divided into different groups based on their eating habits. Group 1: Participants who eat fried products and Group 2: Those who don't.

When comparing consumption and mortality, the researchers found that people who eat french fries, fried potatoes or chips twice or more a week have a doubled risk of early death - compared to those who eat fried foods from their menu for the most part have deleted.

French fries are allowed in moderation

During the eight year long study, 236 participants died. Was it french fries to blame? No. Potatoes prepared differently can still be enjoyed without a guilty conscience and French fries or fried potatoes are also allowed in moderation.

It is more likely, however, that people who eat french fries too often a week lead very unhealthy lifestyles and develop serious illnesses that cause them to die sooner. However, the researchers did not observe this possibility further in their study.

Pooh, lucky again. Do I just have to stop after work beer, sweets for breakfast and the no-sports attitude. Then French fries are allowed three times a week.

Image source: iStock / guruXOOX