What is ninja's favorite game

Fortnite killer - What makes Apex Legends different from Fortnite?

"Ninja" actually became famous with Fortnite. The streamer, whose real name is Richard Tyler Blevins, is one of the most successful streamers in the world. But it seems that Ninja has found a new favorite game: Apex Legends. And he's not the only one.

Apex Legends vs Fortnite

For weeks there was no way around Fortnite. The battle royale game was everywhere - and other game developers were already feeling the "Fortnite effect". But EA Games now seems to have succeeded in a surprise hit with Apex Legends - and maybe also a liberation. After just one week, the online shooter had 25 million players. Why is?

What is Apex Legends and Battle Royale?

Apex Legends is an online first person shooter with battle royale mode and thus belongs to the same category as Fortnite. That is why Apex Legends is a direct and comparable competitor to Fortnite. In the Battle Royale mode, several players fight for first place on a map, while the playable area of ​​the map becomes increasingly smaller as the game progresses. The players, at the beginning still spread over a wide playing card, are forced to clash and fight sooner or later.

The specialty: every player starts completely without equipment. Weapons, medipacks and more must be collected in the game world. First come first serve. The usual course of a game of Battle Royale is as follows: You jump out of the air with your opponents and look for a nice spot on the map to land. There you look for good equipment until sooner or later you are knocked out by an opponent or you are the last survivor yourself.

Why is Apex Legends supposedly better than Fortnite?

Tactical depth, no distracting build mode, Jumpmaster and a lot more make the difference between Apex Legends and other battle royale shooters like Fortnite or PUBG. The

Apex Legends introduces the Jumpmaster

The Jumpmaster makes the biggest difference. In Apex Legends, all players on a team agree on a goal and the Jumpmaster ensures that everyone gets there. At Fortnite, for example, this is still up to each player - there was no function of the game.

Apex Legends introduces respawns

Before Apex Legends, there were no respawns within a match in battle royale games. For example, if you run out of life points in Fortnite, you first lie on the ground. If a playmate does not manage to rush to help in time, you are eliminated from the round and have to look for a new match. The result is annoying loading times.

If a player is caught at Apex Legends, they can get back into the game even after virtual death. The teammates only have to bring the badge to a so-called respawn beacon. That promotes team play.

More tactical depth in Apex Legends

In Apex Legends, 60 opponents play on a smaller map, collecting weapons and upgrades is easier and the upgrade system is very clean.

In addition, the use of hero skills from the legends provides more playful depth. If an opponent is eliminated, your own team must first wait and see how the opponent team reacts before the eliminated opponent can be searched for useful items.

No build mode - Apex Legends only shoots and collects

In Fortnite it is an elementary part of the game principle: the iconic pickaxe is the standard tool of the battle royale shooter. The better resources you collect, the more stable structures you can build (metal is more stable than stone, stone is more stable than wood).

However, Apex Legends consistently focuses on collecting and shooting. There is no construction mode. The concept of battle royale in a first-person shooter perspective, more tactical depth and heroes like in Overwatch seems to be more popular with players and viewers than the hybrid of shooter and construction simulator.

Apex Legends is going through the roof on Twitch

On the streaming portal Twitch, Apex Legends has been able to prevail against Fortnite for a full 10 days in a row. As Gamestar reports, Twitch is downright in the Apex Legends frenzy.

Apex Legends had 486,000 viewers there on the day of publication alone. The Fortnite competitor currently has an average of almost 270,000 viewers. For comparison: Fortnite had just over 119,000 viewers in the last 30 days.

The maximum number is currently 670,000 viewers. It remains to be seen whether the mark will be cracked. In any case, the number of viewers has been increasing since the release.

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