How is Yoga TTC in Goa

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200 hour yoga teacher training - Goa

Yoga Teacher Training at Diya Yoga - Goa designs his course with the broader view of yoga in mind, including philosophy, meditation, anatomy, kriya and the art of teaching. Our main focus is on enjoying yoga in your daily life. During the 200 hours of TTC we will help you become a confident yoga teacher. With this course we support individuality and lead you to a personal touch during the training.

"The 200-hour yoga teacher training is very flexible, we do not impose dogmatic ideas or beliefs on our students.

With this yoga teacher certification you can be registered with yoga alliance which gives you the opportunity to work all over the world. We also support the students who have studied our Hatha yoga teacher training to help in courses if they want to practice more.

Our training combines traditional Eastern teachings from Indian yoga teachers, philosophy and with experienced Western teachers.

This combination of the two gives our students the opportunity to learn in an authentic yoga environment while also gaining the skills necessary to practically pass these teachings on in a global yoga environment. Our 200 hour yoga teacher training course offers a comprehensive, theoretical and practical training program. One of our 200-hour yoga teacher training courses develops as confident teachers with strong, solid, and individual skills to share their experiences with others.

The comprehensive healing and therapeutic effects of Yoga Nidra combine the power of hypnosis, meditation and energetic healing.

Yoga Nidra is the art of relaxation with awareness.

You will learn techniques that will enable you to reach new states of consciousness with a deep understanding of your physical and psychological body. A great benefit of this training is that you will learn that ND became aware of the words that you can use during the session and also learn how the words are powerful healing tools.

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