Can a landlord check your creditworthiness


Sympathy plays an important role in deciding on a tenant. Nevertheless, landlords should not only trust their subjective feeling, but also check the creditworthiness of prospective tenants before signing a contract. We have summarized the advantages of the SCHUFA credit check (apply now) for landlords for you.

V.Advantage 1: Thanks to the SCHUFACredit checklandlords can reduce the risk of rent defaults

Every landlord is interested in punctual and reliable rent payments. In addition to an employment contract and pay slips, an independent creditworthiness certificate provides security. A positive SCHUFA report proves the potential tenant's payment behavior. If a person has fulfilled their payment obligations in the past, SCHUFA information can be assumed to be positive. The SCHUFA credit check offers landlords the opportunity to objectively assess the risk of possible loss of rent and thus reduce it.

Advantage 2 for landlords: The proof of creditworthiness is forgery-proof

Every SCHUFA credit check contains a verification code. With the help of this sequence of digits the landlord can quickly and easily check the authenticity. Since the verification code is printed on the certificate, manipulation can be excluded. The landlord thus has forgery-proof proof of the creditworthiness of his future tenant. The landlord enters the verification code and the date of birth of the future tenant on the following SCHUFA website: The verification code is valid for a total of 60 days. Since only current SCHUFA information is meaningful, the date of issue is also noted on the document.

Advantage 3: SCHUFA has the largest database

In addition to SCHUFA, there are other credit agencies. However, SCHUFA is the largest provider in Germany that provides information on the creditworthiness of private individuals. SCHUFA receives the data for the assessment from contractual partners and is therefore in possession of more than 900 million data on almost 68 million people. Thanks to this comprehensive information base, SCHUFA is the only credit agency able to provide meaningful information on almost every consumer who is economically active in Germany.

The information from SCHUFA offers significant added value due to this extensive database of positive and negative information. Private landlords receive comprehensive and up-to-date information on the creditworthiness and identity of prospective tenants and the best possible protection against defaults and rental nomads. The SWR * reported, for example, on a case in which the landlord couple obtained information from a credit agency about the solvency of the future tenants before signing the lease. There were no negative entries about the person. When the rent was no longer paid, the landlord couple obtained information again - this time from SCHUFA. According to SCHUFA, there were negative entries for the tenant. This case shows: information is not the same as information, the quality differs significantly. With the SCHUFA creditworthiness check (apply now), landlords have the greatest informative value due to the underlying database.

(* Source: "Miet-Nomaden: Apartment occupied, no rent - no chance?", Broadcast on November 15, 2016 in the SWR series "Marktcheck").