What is the MacBook Pro Operating System

Find out what your Mac's operating system is

Use the About This Mac option to determine the version of the Mac operating system installed on your Mac and whether it is the latest version.

Is the latest version of the Mac operating system installed on your Mac? Is it the version required for a product you want to use with your Mac? Which versions are earlier (older) or later (newer, more current)? Learn how to find out which version is currently installed.

If your version of macOS is out of date, you may be able to update it to a newer version.

Which macOS version is installed?

From the Apple menu () in the corner of the screen, choose About This Mac. The name of the macOS version will be displayed, e.g. B. macOS Big Sur, followed by the version number. If you also need to know the build number, click the version number to view it.

Which macOS version is the current one?

Below is a list of all of the Mac operating systems, starting with the most recent. When a fundamentally new macOS is released, it is given a new name, e.g. B. macOS Big Sur. As soon as updates are available that change the version number of macOS, this article will be updated with the latest version of the corresponding macOS.

If your Mac has an older version of a Mac operating system, be sure to get the latest Apple software updates, which may include critical security updates as well as updates for macOS built-in apps such as Safari, Books, News, Mail, Music, Calendar, and Photos.

macOSCurrent version
macOS Big Sur11.3
macOS Catalina
macOS Mojave10.14.6
macOS High Sierra10.13.6
macOS Sierra10.12.6
OS X El Capitan10.11.6
OS X Yosemite10.10.5
OS X Mavericks10.9.5
OS X Mountain Lion10.8.5
OS X Lion10.7.5
Mac OS X Snow Leopard10.6.8
Mac OS X Leopard10.5.8
Mac OS X Tiger10.4.11
Mac OS X Panthers10.3.9
Mac OS X Jaguar10.2.8
Mac OS X Puma10.1.5
Mac OS X Cheetah10.0.4
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