What is telematics in the automotive industry


The search for telematics executives is being driven by the fundamental changes in the automotive industry. Automotive tier 1 suppliers and equipment manufacturers are facing growing challenges in connection with the development and sale of embedded vehicle telematics. Driver safety, analytics and autonomous driving are just some of the technologies that automakers, suppliers and technology companies are currently developing. As a result of this shift in focus, new business models are transforming the structure of the automotive industry and the traditional successful model for its executives.
Understanding, integrating, and distributing vehicle telemetry systems will be an integral part of the business development strategies of automotive T1 suppliers and first-time suppliers in the years to come. This provides an opportunity for telematics executives to join automotive companies and help shape the way this exciting new area is developing.
Human Capital Partners (HCP) is ideally positioned to help telematics executives find suitable roles within the automotive industry. As a leader in executive search within the automotive industry, HCP helps automotive companies identify telematics executives who will play a key role in developing and delivering transformative technologies.
The search for telematics executives is now crucial for automotive companies looking to thrive in the years to come. Ensuring that roles like Head of Telematics and Director of Telematics are filled with the best possible people will be a crucial factor between successful and struggling companies in emerging automotive markets like China. When working with HCP, organizations can rest assured that their telematics executives are world class talent with a deep understanding of the local realities that make emerging markets such an exciting place to be.